Pick paint

>pick paint
>make norwegian dark haired-darker skinned
>looks asian

why does this happen

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They are our crypto north azn sisters

because every russian is just bootleg westerner

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Mongol's blood

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He looks Turkish

>white people look alike
Oh my science

now you see....

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are you face blind or something? he doesn't look asian


Let me intruce myself.

imagine a empire comprising slavic, germanic, turkic, mongolian, finnougric and native american pypos....

he doesn't look asian, in fact, he looks more handsome and masculine with those dark features

Everybody knows scandis are part Finnic and not pure germanic.

Cope wyte boy

Only Swedes. The truth is 19th century racial scientists lied. Scandinavians were never Nordic they are deformed goblins.

He looks more of a tanned white guy than asian

Reminds me of a boxer from here

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Northern Norway too, really who cares about what happend south? Can we even denmark and area around North?

He's from bergen tho

Really central-euro tier

He just looks like a spaniard now.