How do thirdies and grandmas shit in this thing

How do thirdies and grandmas shit in this thing

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I've only seen this thing once in a hotel in the middle of nowhere when i was on a trip
shit was disgusting

no one in latam has this type of toilet. Pretty sure is an Asian thing, maybe middle Eastern

By not being a fat fuck. You shit by squatting not sitting

most homes here have this and western type and old people use the latter

thanks gurpjeet

Cope walking Michelin man

japanpipo also use this though i've seen it in anime

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Seems like it’s very easy to miss

then who uses the former?

true. they're pretty rare now, but I know they still exist. op is faggot

anyone who can squat

I see it in Hentai too

i love squatting while taking a shit, sitting your bums on the toilet seat is much more disgusting, sadly these squat toilets are rare in public places now THOUGH

Ive used this before, its objectively superior if you're not a fatass.

ours isn't that fancy dumb nip
its either a literal hole or a toilet seat
(or a street)

Brings back bad school memories of needing to shit.


That's why I said thirdies and grandmas

What are the two rolls for? Coarse and fine?

like this

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