How we feeling Charles bros?

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his fingers are as thick as my cock

So not very?

Feeling good. He will bring about CANZUK. God Save the King!

ever since i saw his fingers in that thread the other day i cant stop niticing that he has proper construction worker hands

God save the King

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I honestly dont know what to do anymore with my life now that I cant make jokes about charlie dieing before the queen, or feeling extremely resentful that she wont die and the like. now I just kinda got to accept that he won.

God save the King

God doesn't hear the prayers of *ngl*c*ns

Australia and New Zealand are going to turn into republics in ten years. Scotland is going to have another independence referendum. Northern Ireland will split off and join Ireland.

NZ can't be a republic, its against the treaty

Does Northern Ireland even want reunification? Or Ireland proper for that matter? IIRC Northern Ireland is a decent bit poorer.

>NZ can't be a republic, its against the treaty

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The Irish army also wont be able to handle loyalist paramilitaries

Try tell that to the maori

God save the CCP

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wie bist du damit umgegangen

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>gets punched for being pro-colonialism

Rather racist to punch Maori tbqhy

i think it would honestly be funny if northern ireland splits form the UK but refuses to join with southern ireland

Probably happy he lived to see and feel that.

What anglos think about him?

>Does Northern Ireland even want reunification?
that's kinda why Ireland is split rather than fully independent, wars between people who want to be a part of the UK and people who want to be independent