What's school like in your country? Was the education system any good? Did you enjoy it?

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They dun did the Eiken live action

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how did that tranny get hired

Mostly yes and i studied 80% of my childhood on public schools. Used to live on the countryside and there private schools sucked hard, i remember to this day my dad laughing at a newspaper when the history teacher of the most expensive private school gave an interview and paralleled Jesus with the impeachment of Dilma.
>people really pay R$1000,00+ for this garbage?

I refuse to believe these webms are true. It has to be some prank.

it's just criminal to have tits that big that will never give milkies.

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That's obviously a man.

Like your Japanese media, milkers give out milkies if you start massaging them enough.

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Man those guys look cool, I wish I had other dudes in my shop class it's literally all just dykes and they/them girls

you guys have a very large teacher shortage
even I had offers of becoming a teacher in bumfuck ruralcounty flyoverstate lol

Teachers forced to read a lot of leftist books
In Brazil school is basically a brainwashing central

I don't like to make fun of people

Damn, that teach got some tig ol bitties.
(I know it's a trannie, but that's not as fun to comment on)

So I'm not the only one

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Im sorry but this is based.

how this shit can be legal jesus christ americans are doomed

I hope he knows what he's doing and this all just for a laugh.

I don't know how you can look at people like this and not realize that Blanchard was 100% correct about everything

The secret is that most flyover states are dying economically and can't afford to pay teachers enough to keep a roof over their heads.

It must suck to be a non-passing troon, and the ones who do pass can't help but to sell their asses on Onlyfans

this is what makes it hard to be trans in amerikkka. there should be a distinction between agp and hsts trannies.

trans rights should only apply to those who actually deserve it. it sucks when im a tranny and i have like ugly discord incels and 68 year old men think theyre ever gonna go near me. like fuck off.

i actually pass but dont wanna do it because not all transgirls are whores.

>i actually pass
You know what your duty ITT is, don't delude us user.

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Degen is the only cute tranny that posts here