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why are they killing themselves

No way those figures are accurate

Americans killed about a million in iraq if you count indirect deaths from malnutrition, sickness, etc

You'd kill yourself to if you served in the military.

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it's a military thing, you wouldn't get it

Hey asshole
as long as Lockheed martin and boieng stock keep rising is all worth it

"Suicide by two gunshots to the back of the head"
In all honesty, knowing how the US military operates, they were probably trying to tie some loose ends and silence those who would/could speak up about what was really going on behind the scenes there

you realise that just makes the US military look even more impressive right?

>war is hell
>I live in military industrial complex dystopia so if I want education or healthcare I need to serve in the army just like fucking star ship troopers
>I "volunteered" to go to an active warzone, kill women and children who needed liberating so I won't be flipping burgers for 8 dollars an hour for the rest of my life
>also everybody has access to high easily concealable high caliber automatic weaponry

America is literally the great satan. Please wake up Americabros.

>if you count indirectly
No one does because it's both impossible to track and completely arbitrary

They leave the military and suddenly don't have any direction in life, and also aren't part of a "team" in the same way anymore.

why does this place hate veterans so much

Not at all. Just alot of kids that don't know what they're getting themselves into and everyone back home ignoring them at best, hating them at worse. Just they way it goes

Any Forums is incredibly brown.


kys angloid

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>we bombed defenceless brown people without a modern army look at how impressive we are.
>looks at Afghanistan and Iraq.
Protip terror bombing people with modern technology doesn't mean shit when you don't achieve any of your war goals.
>muh k/d ratio
at that point you are just terrorists.
>gee cletus I don't know how dropping millions of tons of agent orange is supposed to achieve our goals but at least we made a lot of innocent people suffer. (also didn't break the geneva convention IT'S OKAY WHEN WE DO IT)




>America is literally the great satan
and that's a good thing.

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>minorities pitching a seething fit
Your post fills me with more satisfaction than you can understand.

>being cannon fodder for Israel

nothing worth fighting for in this country
Veterans have no shortage of dickriders and vast majority only went in because they have no redeeming skills for good private sector jobs and wanted free college. Nothing more cringe then people saying "thank you for your service" like some some 18 year old retard getting shipped to Afghanistan is defending the sovereignty of our nation.
Government bootlickers deserve to suffer

kek pussies

navy has least suicides, army has most

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>nig -ACK!

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that's the opposite of what I'd think, Navy and Air force are were the more intelligent service members go. Army is for literately bottom of the barrel retards. Navy and Air force people can find jobs after

What division has more gays and trannies?

Sounds like you should never leave, then

>Navy and Air force people can find jobs after
probably one of the reasons they suicide less than the other branches. it makes sense to me, also these stats are only for active duty
>What division has more gays and trannies?
navy is stereotyped as the "gay" branch, don't know about trannies though


The military is like a parallel society to the rest of the US. Once you've gotten used to living in that, leaving and trying to integrate into mainstream society is very difficult.
Children of career military members have the same problems.

Finally american soldiers are fighting for a better world (by killing themself).