How the fuck is Any Forums always right?

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How do we know it's not Jewish tricks again?

>jews run the media
>the media shills wokeness, anti-white racism and globohomo
>wow who knew the jews wanted to push those things wow


Like when they said it was just a training exercise?

It's still considered a looney chud conspiracy even when jews admit it to leftypol's face THOUGH

It's almost like the jews are right about goyim being nigger cattle

fucking russians i don't believe this shit anymore i dont trust anything those filthy snow apes say

Any Forums hasn't been right since Trump's election


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But the article is about a disagreement between Jewish organizations, with the Zionist Organization of America saying that "white privilege" is made up nonsense.
Whereas Any Forums depicts Jews as a monoculture hivemind hell-bent on promoting progressive ideas.

Did you even read the Russian propaganda you're shilling?

KEK you guys should get treated for paranoia and persecution complex

>The Russians said it so that means it's not true (even though it's obviously true and everyone knows it)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Based Jews, check your privilege whitey.

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>Zionist Organization of America
So butthurt zionist ultraconservative jdf jews vs liberal socialist red diaper baby adl jews. Carry on

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t. lonely kikelstein from melb

I hate russians more than jews

What's true? That some Jews think woke politics are dumb?


Yes. Go away Russiabot.

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Any Forums is never right except in their own world. Stop sharing bullshit, and go back to your containment. You people ruin other boards all the fucking time.