The most famous American zoomer

Is he popular in your cunt?
He is unironically quite funny.
Even Ronaldo knows who he is.

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who? i dont wqtch tik tok

Britain is indistinguishable from the US at this point.

Some tiktok celeb? I have no idea who that guy is

Literally who? I’m a millennial.

do me a favor kill urslf


nigga i'm americanised as fuck my mum hated me so just stuck me on the computer all day, i have lived and breathed yank media since i was sentient

no clue who that is

Yeah every zoomed knows who he is here

No clue, don't know him

Only streamer I watch. Actually finny.


yes he is
I'll admit I did laugh at some clips of him but his whole persona got old very fast

Do you love god?


I've NEVER seen that man before.

No, I didnt even knew him before this post

are you mixed race and obese?

Bros, I feel so fucking old.

nigger who thinks screaming is funny, yeah i saw some of his vids

I see a random negro, no idea who it is