What were the biggest mistakes in your country's history?

> Not killing/deporting ALL of the arabs who resided here.
They are now 20% of the population, are a disgusting fifth column and are responaible for 80% of the crime.

>Accepting arab "jews"
Letting "jews" from the arab countries was a huge mistake.
They look exactly like arabs, behave like them and have their low IQ.
This seriously lowered the quality of thr country.

>Not making the country non religious from the beginning.
Now the religious are like 50% and breeding like cockroaches.

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>Not making the country non religious from the beginning

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I still admire Israel.

You dont have to be religious to be Jewish

The only requirement is you believe in the one true god and take no other gods or worship statues. In exchange god protects the Jews and gives them the lands of Canaan and Israel. The rest of the religion was added later

Say hi to suleimani for me muhammad

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You have to be circumcised to be considered Jewish, the Torah is very clear on this,

>Now the religious are like 50% and breeding like cockroaches.
Yeah, it's over

>you don't have to religious except that you have to be religious
Why are juden under the impression that the average Iranian gives a fuck about Soleimani?

No point choosing something specific

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not finishing off the natives

Not genociding the natives and replacing them with europeans with superior genes.

The circumcision is a sign of acceptance of the covenant you are correct. But that’s not really being religious since you do it once and it’s done

Recognizing israel by far. Who knows what those hooked nosed yid bastards got truman with, but you can be sure they always have a trick up their sleeve.


Not giving more aid to Israel.

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joining WW1

you fucked up nigga
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All blacks in the US regardless of if they were born here or not, should have been shipped back to Africa after the civil war. Every single one should have been sent to Liberia
Almost every single problem the US faces can be blamed on not sending the slaves back

Hitler being an incompetent fuck and failing to completely wipe out the Jews.

Proclamation of the Republic.

not starting a nuclear war