Took an iq test 4 years ago

>took an iq test 4 years ago
>measured 135
>took an iq test today
>measured 110
Does this happen in your country?

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I measured mid 90s in the two iq tests I've taken in my life

Yeap. Went from 120 when i was 18 to like 95 10 years later. Use it or lose it.

I always thought it was weird that 100 is supposed to be the average yet everyone claims to be above 100.
Thank you for your honesty average bro

i have 118 iq which is upper average and i dont care because iq doesnt define ones worth or potential.


also i skipped a year of math in middle school so advanced classes =/= smart.

Do you drink alcohol?

I got 128 during an in-person psychoeducational assessment when I was in 7th grade. I wonder how low it is today.

I went from 127 to 99

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the brain isn't a muscle bro. use it lose it doesn't apply here.

ive went from 100 to 113

I don't take IQ tests because i'm too afraid of knowing i'm just average or even worse that i'm bellow average.


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I'm the smartest man on Any Forums

Yes it does

>American IQ

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Where I can take one?

Don't bother.
>A variety of cognitive research on chimpanzees places their estimated IQ between 20 and 25, around the average for a human toddler