Thirdies live like this and they dare claim that they suffer

Thirdies live like this and they dare claim that they suffer.

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its pretty shit here

exactly how?

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>I suffer as an epic sax guy on the Maldives
No, you don't

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whoops, turns out he was from Moldova, not the maldives
anyway even withouot a saxophone you do NOT suffer

>turns out he was from Moldova

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Nordcucks are surrounded by this then come on Any Forums(nel) and tell everyone they suffer

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Those are English slags. Swedish women look like this. Much less appealing.

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VPN or real

I had a girlfriend from the Maldives, she wanted OUT. Apparently women can't really live in their own house on their own, the schools are really shitty( you are kept there studying for hours on end, no breaks) and you often have to sleep 4 people to a room.

The only redeeming feature is the nature and beaches.

She was a druggie whore (who had to pretend to be Muslim at home) so I dumped her, but kind of funny learning about her country. She had big money in the family though, uncle owned a resort.

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no money no services in outer islands forced to migrate to shitty capital

what services you need in outer islands? Dont you guys have boats to visit capital

all correct :) weird if she had money but had to sleep 4ppl to a room tho, usually thats for the poors. schools were about the same as the uk i did my sixth form + uni over there.

Who are you trying to fool? Everyone knows how beautiful Swedish women are

Its was early on in her life tbf, then her father started up some businesses and got some money so she became a top 5 percenter. Her uncle was having too much fun with a Russian gold digger wife to give them money I suppose. He does invite them to his resorts though, they stay a couple days, have a barbeque.

She did her sixth form in the Maldives but failed(due to shitty education as stated) so she had to do a foundation year in the UK, guess that's the game plan for a lot of Maldivians.

You prefer the uk or the Maldives?

all except the last one are pretty cute imho

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I would live on an island like that with a big booty /carib/ gf, would swim there

We are not, our women have short stumpy legs you cant tell if its ass or legs, also their body shape is rectangle.

i really need to build my airplane fast

Not sure if you guys are memeing but I unironically think they are happier than us. Every guy here is depressed

Bitch thats hawaii so the first world.
Anyway you cant suffer in sweden. You dont know how good you have it.

lmao why

Thats a tourist resort. Now post where locals live.

Atleast Somalia won't shoot you for 8,99$