Do men usually know how to cook in your country? It’s not seen as a women-only thing here...

Do men usually know how to cook in your country? It’s not seen as a women-only thing here, all men learn how to have good life skills in general

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Jesse we need to cook

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Most women dont even know how to cook.

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I only know how to cook steaks; they're the easiest to get right

youre not a real human if you can't turn ingredients into food

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yes most men cook here
there are even some dishes that are customary to be cooked by men only

Eh, steaks are not the hardest, but I'd say there are more forgiving dishes.

Cornsyrup does not count.

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this. I'm 32 and live with my mom and grandma and it's me that makes the cooking here

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No. Zoomers are fucking useless. Polish women are lazy whores that can only cook "spaghetti" or make toasts.

Everyone is actually suprised when I cook full meals on my own.

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men are usually better than women at cooking desu

Ordering food or eating out is too expensive in Sweden so yes, most people know how to cook.
At least the basics to survive.
Also cooking classes are mandatory in school.

Wish I looked like that

most can grill fish but that's about it.

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But if you are from brasil, people probably use at least a little spice. In germany the spiciest spice is a moderate dose of pre-grounded pepper (which hast lost all of its aroma due to being pre-grounded) and salt.

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pre grounded is that bad? I never noticed a difference desu

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