How long does it take for a spanish speaking person to learn italian to a B2 level?

How long does it take for a spanish speaking person to learn italian to a B2 level?

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El otro día me folle una salamanquesa. Era dorada, con unas curvas perfectas, tendría escasos 8 meses de vida. Muchos os preguntaréis como es posible el sexo interespecie con una salamanquesa pero es sencillo, simplemente tiene que introducirla por tu uretra en vez de usar las cloacas. La echo de menos. Ha sido mi primer amor.

Parlo italiano e sfortunamente ho capito quasi tutto

contame más que me pone duro la historia

Tres horas

Era pequeña con los ojos saltones y se murió durante el coito

Probably like 2 months of studying an hour a day. The only thing there is to learn is some slightly different conjugation rules and a bit of different vocabulary.

Hard near to impossible.
You can't disconnect your head from a language. For example if you're speaking german you switch your head toward that language; but when it comes to italian it becomes a rubber switch constantly coming and going.
That's why so many sudacas say:
>Italian is almost the same, I can go there and live.
In less than a month they run to Catalunya because they don't understand a thing.
For some moments is the same and suddenly a "ne" shows up and spanish speakers go in MENA mode.

My wife is italian but lives here since she was 6. Yet she still gets confused with some words. Specially when she's mad it's laughable when she goes cocoliche.

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this, I was taking italian for foreigners classes at Sapienza and all the spanish speaking people advanced much faster than the rest of us, I think it's the easiest language to learn italian from. That being said portuguese>italian is easy too

Interesting perspective user, thanks for the imput.

1 month

What about french

Two months unironically

6 months

B2 is just upper intermediate

if you also know english that is.

Interpreters exist, you know. Some of them even do simultaneous interpretation.

Except for those who manage to work for important international bodies most interpreters are absolute shit

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B-2 only speaks English

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