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Born free edition

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I thought that guitar was an ass at first

created new thread in /ck/
Any Forums is leaking kek

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well, which thread is it?

this one


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I ate the bugs once they weren’t bad just incredibly salty


yeah, not many people used to it
I can't blame you tho


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some more cards I found

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Was sitting outside in the sun and a bee flew into my glass and now it’s slowly drowning in beer

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thats how I want to go

decided to go, bank tellers checked it and all the other bills and insisted they were real
had them change the 5 out anyway so I don't get hassled again
fucking money
and fucking banks


oh evan
wish i could hold you instead of your ex wife beating you

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these are worth quite a bit

did a store tell you it was fake?

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I'm almost certain that that's not a bee, but a wasp
if it's a bee you ought to save it, but a wasp? good fucking riddance. drowning in beer is too good for those fuckers.

so glad that creepy little bitch is out of the news

gay sex....

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Mexicanos, al grito de guerra
el acero aprestad y el bridón.
Y retiemble en sus centros la Tierra,
al sonoro rugir del cañón.

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>did a store tell you it was fake?
yes, the (legal) weed store of all places, put me in a very uncomfortable situation as I'm a regular at that one.

ah, don't worry about it, they know you didn't make it, and it probably happened before, plus you can tell them it was real according to the bank if they bring it up, but they won't

why do i still have to get the jab if covid hasnt been relevant for over a year now

Idk it looks like a yellow jacket

for what?

quien es masiosare?

a lot of jobs require proof of jab to apply

>have to

a yellow jacket is a type of wasp

Any Forums jannies really be wilin' rn

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coomer faggots like you are the reason Any Forums is such a shithole

en facebook estan tirando un buen de carrilla sobre el wokenismo....

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in your communist authoritarian shithole, maybe
any variation of that picture is ban on sight for Any Forums mods ever since some autistic coomer started spamming the "vidya butts" gimmick

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uh sorry buddy but /lat/ is that way


I live in one of the bluest states (albeit a kinda reddish county) and haven't been made to show my card in months except for singing with a bunch of old people.