You WILL EAT the Polish food

you WILL EAT the Polish food

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Make some for me :)

>yeah bro here's some BIGOS my mom makes the best BIGOS you can find in all of polska. goes wll with a side of GOLONKA
fake country

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sorry but it all looks bland

sopa de macaco

Half of these are Finnish foods

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Oh add nalesniki as räiskäle

Slav cuisine sucks ass

You know your town is going to shit when the local Asda adds a Polish food section

i think polish sausage has meat in it

I would rather starve. Who knows what you animals eat.

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I like Barszcz

looks and sounds familiar.

Polish food is unironically delicious but do you REALLY eat pig bumholes

There's a stall at the market in Cambridge that does Eastern Euro food, I never tried it, probably should have desu

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it all looks good to me

i’d honestly eat most of that tbdesu

Only desserts pick my interest in Slavic and Nordic food, the rest doesn't look great, might be delicious though.

dont care didnt ask not your blog

yes please!

it is tb h

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I would love to, even if it makes my arteries explode

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Unsubscribe then Pierre


*bites into a toothpick and dies*

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Looks good as far as European food goes. Certainly looks better than Western European cuisine.

It's great with vinegar.

Do you need a loicense for that toothpick?
Mestre da pizza

I'll have some bigos, makowiec, pierogi(of course), and whatever that sausuge is above barszcz please