With yesterday's episode will anons finally wake up from the Any Forumsllective and realize how shit Primal always was?

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>industrycuck thread

Ignore the bait, Primalbros

>its bait!
Yes I know, How dare anyone stand against the Any Forumsllective and not like the only cartoon you're suppose to like on this board?
Wake up and realize you're basically apart of the Borg.

I gave your mom the Any Forumsllective seed last night

>Deflects with humor to avoid the realization OP is right
many such cases.


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I mean I personally thought it was pretty good season

I enjoy things because I choose to. I hate things because I choose to. You have no say in the matter because you are and always will be nobody. You're like a vegan interrupting my steak n tatters to tell me me meat is bad

>Not a sheep
Yes. I don't follow the Any Forums party line and enjoy things they scream about being bad.
>Oppressed minority
I didn't say that. Nice strawman :)

I made your mom's ass applaud on many such cases

>main character dies stupidly
yeah good season.

I agree it was a pretty great season
I do miss the episodic and plot style of the first season though

This! Why is Any Forums such sheep?

Enjoy your shit taste user. If Primal was hated on this board you'd hate it too because you are nothing but a sheep.

>uhmm... actually, since all of you like it then it must be bad.
Lad, this isn't 2020 anymore, contrarianism isn't cool. If a vast majority of people think something is good, then chances are it's good. Even if you're an outlier and don't like it.
>but muh finale
Yeah I would've done things differently too. A lot of anons have stated that, but a subpar finale doesn't disregard nearly two seasons of a great show.

so would you still recommend this show to others even with the shit ending?
I haven't started watching this show yet

He died to a fire demon viking. It’s a pretty understandable way to die

The ending isn't really all that bad, just a bit anticlimactic


>Main character dies defending the only person who has been by his side since his family was slaughtered.

>>uhmm... actually, since all of you like it then it must be bad.
Just like you guys hate things normies love. Isn't it grand?

Primal is hated on this board by Op. He just hasn't given a good reason for me to hate it. I've watched it and enjoy it. The fact that makes OP seething mad is of no consequence to me.


This. Actual good shows are hated on Any Forums because people outside of this hell site love them.

TCW, Lower Decks, Arcane.

Like rick and marty

Terrible taste detected.

That's a mix bag on who hates it. It all depends on the kind of Star Wars fan
>Lower Decks
Well yeah that show is pretty bland
Any Forums hates the show while Any Forums loves it. I was there for when the episodes dropped and it was night and day with the Any Forums and Any Forums threads.

Any Forums loves it? Oh sure they love shitposting in every thread about it. I wouldn't call that "loving it"

I don't recognize the signature, but that is some top-notch fanart. How you gonna post such a dumbshit take alongside an image that perfectly encapsulates why this show was so loved?

Not a Star Wars Fan so no opinion on it.
>Lower Decks
Not a Star Trek Fan so no opinion on it.
Genuinely one of the best pieces of animated story telling to come out in the past half decade. Even boards outside of Any Forums love it. Haven't met a single normie that has seen it that hates it.

Then name a better show. Or, better yet, three.