This is Jackie Lynn Thomas. She's had sex with both Star and Janna

This is Jackie Lynn Thomas. She's had sex with both Star and Janna.

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At the same time??? B-but how?

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Fuck off jackiecuck

So she had sex with a genocidal maniac, Star Butterfly, disgusting. Then she's an associate to the murder of magical beings in the trillions, she can only redeem herself if she brings in Star Butterfly in to the authorities, and put that blonde war criminal down on the ground dead.

Step aside, Jackie coomer user, your waifu is an associate with a war criminal.

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This is Star Butterfly, she had sex with all these boys but not Marco

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Even Steven?

I knew it, that genocidal maniac only craved for herself, what a hedonistic degenerate. Blood for semen, and all she did after she killed those trillions of lives, is smile. Disgusting.

The world needs to know of this disgraced princess' depraved actions.

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No, not Steven

Got bean'd by Marco

Don't care. Chadtoshi just defeated Cynthia in PM2019 and I'm more than happy celebrating.

They have to place him right? There's no topping this, there's no way they'll continue another series with Satoshi again after this beatdown?

So why are you here

You ever heard of a threesome?

B-but if they're womyn, h-how do they..?

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Women can't have sex. They just do sad foreplay and need fauxpenises like strapons or dildos to actually feel pleasure.

lol fucking virgin

And then they release the spores, right?


nta but
>he can't hit the A-spot
dicklet pls

He's cool like that

Kisses and cuddles?

he doesn't want to catch what the other guys have


Jackie having gay experiences with Janna and Star was far more realistic than what actually happened to her in the canon.