Fat retard trains for one(1) day of this life

>fat retard trains for one(1) day of this life
>suddenly he's able to beat one of the best marital artists in the world because "his fat makes him invincible"

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Tai Lung lost before the fight even started. He was mindbroken by insecurity and resentment and couldn't prevail over himself, much less the fat retard

He's THE fat retard, user

Tai Lung got anti-meta'd. He wasn't trained to fight fat retards and didn't know how.

He beat both the Furious Five and Shifu. But some out of shape idiot magically becomes a master at kung fu in a day and is invincible against all of Tai Lung's attacks. Because why exactly? Give a reason that makes sense, instead of some bullshit "Tai Lung's punches couldn't hurt anyone because he was depressed" shilling.

Po got a montage of training. That's like the hyperbolic time chamber of training in movies.

Wasn't it supposed to be multiple days of training? I don't think a specific time frame was stated. Not that it could have been enough time to actually become good enough, but it wasn't just one day either.

Po was the dragon warrior though. That's like wondering why Vegeta didn't become a super saiyan despite fighting more.

I liked it because it plays with the chosen one plot, but the ending was meh anyway.

He's just some random guy, or did you miss the point of destiny doesn't matter "there is no secret ingredient".

>fat retard trains for one(1) day of this life
it was a deliberately vague period of time so that the audience doenst break willing suspension of disbelief
>suddenly he's able to beat one of the best marital artists in the world because "his fat makes him invincible"
the fat only makes him immune to the nerve attack
tai lung does outmatch po, even by the time of the second movie po is no match for tigress, much less tai lung

but what po does is take advantage of his environment to even the odds and get a few good hits on tai lung
and later takes advantage of tai lungs total emotional breakdown because he was in the middle of realizing that he betrayed shi fu for nothing as the scroll did not have any secrets

3 retconned it.

Nobody watched 3.

4 is coming

In Kung Fu Panda, Kung-Fu is more about reflection on the self than it is about rigorous training. This is outright stated in KFP3 when the Panda's beat everyone by embracing who they are deep inside. Each of the furious five have mastered a style around themselves and that's what makes them so powerful, it's not just because it's their race. Monkey style is about being the best monkey you can be, unpredictable and tricky. Tiger style is about being the best tiger you can be, ferocious and overwhelming, and etc. The closer one comes to achieving realization of self and inner peace, the better they are at Kung-Fu; and that will always beat out simple training or technology.
And in their final battle, Tai Lung doesn't know who he is. It's why he wants the scroll. He's all training and no actualization. While at the same time, Po completely knows who he is. He's the dragon warrior; he's accepted that and made it his own. So Po wins the spiritual fight.

It's just your standard chosen one plot, the game was rigged in the beginning.

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>american power fantasy

It was a couple of days but Po was unaffected Tai Lung’s signature moves and was able to use his environment better than him to outplay him

Film is a tribute to kung fu films, one of the main inspirations

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>it was a deliberately vague period of time so that the audience doenst break willing suspension of disbelief
Please give me a deep analysis about why you think it took years for Tai Lung to go from his prison to the temple. It will be good for a laugh. Also how many months do you think it took for the Furious Five to meet Tai Lung halfway?
>suspension of disbelief
Someone who becomes a god at kung fu and doesn't even lose any weight breaks my suspension of disbelief. Some guy receiving some half assed training for at most a week and beating a master who's been training since he was a toddler also breaks my suspension of disbelief.

Yeah, Po is nowhere near Tai Lungs level. Po won because Tai Lung didn't take Po serious and had his primary focus on the dragon roll.
Everytime Po gets a hit in Tai Lung is looking at or for the scroll and isn't paying attention to the fight.
The only time Tai Lung concentrates on Po as an enemy is after he read the scroll and got mindraped. He tries his chi blocker but it doesn't work on fat people and then Po fucks him up using the finger thing, which is literally his only real impressive feat of martial arts.
It's pretty clear that Tai Lung's obsession with the dragon scroll was his downfall. Only powerlevel autists think this fight doesn't make sense.