Pirating prevents cartoons from being lost media

Pirating prevents cartoons from being lost media.

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It's not theft, but it's something else adjacent to theft. You're not stealing a physical object but you are experiencing something you're supposed to pay for, for free, like sneaking into a movie.
It's just a matter of whether you're going to lose any sleep over it.

Avocado cartels exist because we're told that it's okay to monopolize fruit

Draw more big breasted biblical bitches Laura

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If the apple's DNA is patented by Monsanto then yes

No, you bought the apple which means you bought the contents within. The seeds are also your property and you are free to do with them what you want. The reason people farm apples though is because planting and maintaining an apple tree is a fucking pain in the ass.

>Patenting DNA
We're heading into the dystopian future aren't we...

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Except, when you plant apples from seeds, you get shitty apples that are only good for making booze.

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No, those seeds are property of Monsanto and your purchase was a implicit legal end user agreement for limited use.

Sorry bro, you literally can't anymore because the corporations that make the seeds made them literally useless so they buy from them every year
>But what if they lose
Then we're all fucked and starve, but hey, more profits right? They'll be in israel when it happens anyway.

We're in a dystopia alright, but it's not 'cyber' and it's definitely not 'punk'

Instead of flying cars, cybernetics and neon glow, we have garbage electric machines that need an hour of charging to go fifty kilometers, microplastics in your food and globohomo art.

Ccuuttee art

Lewds of the apple thief when?

In this example, the first step is you buying something.

Well, then God banned Adam and Eve from heaven for piracy

>It's not theft

It's reperayshuns.

We are already there.

>buying something.

Why buy things when you can just take them?

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>We're in a dystopia alright, but it's not 'cyber' and it's definitely not 'punk'

We actually are. Gibson has said in interviews that he was just writing an exaggerated version of the world as it existed at the time (early 1980s), and that "dystopia" is relative.

Do you fuckers know how long it takes for an apple to grow from seed to a fucking tree?