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Another Bitch Wony moment spotted on cam

You can tell Wony isn't accustomed to walking behind people whom she considers to be her lessers. She almost tried to overtake Yujin near the start of the clip but managed to stop herself when she realized she was being filmed and it could look bad. Also you may have noticed Wony's miserable expression throughout the clip because she knows Yujin is stealing her spotlight and looks the most beautiful here.

My prediction is that Wony will demand that Starship staff continute to sabotage Yujin, starting again with Yujin's poor makeup treatment that fans were complaining about last month

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reminder that the jpop spamming sissy is argentinian and xer fetish is obese trannies

Where my IVE chads at

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> hot
She is.

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it's more than just one person

sampling la campanella lmao

are you fucking insane?

trash thread we're out

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Better question is where is the chemistry?

how do you make an early thread and still post it late? lmao

I would destroy ghoul and ahn eugene

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Latinosissy is mad

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oncel moment

how do i get famous on kpg

i'm a physiognomist and this is the dumbest post i've ever seen

that's the op actually

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> cute
She is!

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why do Koreans want to be influenced by black culture so much? what's so cool about driving in a car with bandanas covering their faces?


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pick a twice girl and start obsessing over her

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learn to bait post (it has to be funny to the people that know it's bait)

spam something, anything for long enough


based anti latino op
south american gay couple meltdown

I must slam Gahyeon.

just you and your multiple personalities, sissy

freaking cute!

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at least you cropped the bulge


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>ive reality on youtube
>kepler reality on mnet
>newjeans reality on sbs (national television)
it's over they won

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relax lisasissy

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holy shit that's a real woman

yejibros we got our head out the sunroof

ngl that's pretty good

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flexible girls are the best

ghouls cute elven clothing

Friendly reminder that I love Lightsum

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Fuck off

We miss those.

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her name is nagi

cute hair dani

ngl that's pretty cringe

no one pinched her cheeks because she's ugly

Eww splash Holy water on that skeleton

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this but nayoung

Is this the ghoul line?

this pic but without the boots

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after a century of mind control research most people like whatever they're told to like


who wants to get raped

stop spamming this big slutto onegai

? i'm the one who complains about them the most and reports every one of their posts, you dumb fuck.

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yes brother we were browsing the archive and saw this which is why we posted

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fuck those 4th gen skinny ass whores give me these thick bitches

want my daily sodium from her butt flaps

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yejibros we can't play video games for more than 30min before quitting. are we boomers?

shut up idiot yujin pinches all her girls

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he is a big cuck just look at other girls he posts

>look at other girls he posts
no one in the world wants to do that

no PAK?

1. [+71, -22]
And what about Twice's fans spending their entire days writing hate posts towards BP on Pann?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+68, -21]
Twice's fans are bashing every other female idols out there and they're fine with it, but the moment their bias gets sworn at, they act like it's so unfair

3. [+64, -16]
Twice-roaches specialty: They're always the first ones to create a stir and start freaking convulsing when the karma hits them back

4. [+62, -17]
Deserved, Onces are famous for bashing female idols all the time... You guys should go repentㅠ You're always exploding with inferiority complex all the time and you're a bullying fandomㅋㅋ

5. [+62, -15]
Anyways your fandom acts way worse towards BPㅋㅋ



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ive gotten to the point where i can only play old games

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brother the guilt of not fulfilling our adult responsibilities caught up to us

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no brother you are a zoomer with no attention span try mobile games

cute doob

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Shut Down is 7 on Melon what happened?

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roach is the go to korean insult, they call everyone that

what's the OP

any idols who don't like their group's music? squid doesn't really seem to care for girlcrush

Dota and pubg broke my dopamine receptors. I can only play games where I know I'm making someone else seethe by killing them now

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Roasties literally having a meltdown again

shut up oncel-roach
BlackPink fans terrorizing Twice Dahyun's IG because she skipped their Youtube ad

Explanation of the situation:
Dahyun opened a Youtube video during her Bubble live
Before the video played, BP's song advertisement played
It's not like Youtube premium where you can skip after 5 seconds, she just said "There's an ad" and skipped it
Right now they've been tormenting Dahyun the whole day

Those fans are the same ones who bullsh*ted towards Chaeyoung in the past too

>jihyo's face when eating tasty food

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Why are blinktrannies so unhinged?


latinosissy has a life threatening disease that might kill xer if xe doesn't post "girls" that look like deep sea creatures, please understand

maybe we are just not bored enough brother
one time when we didn't have internet for a week we played video games we had saved on our computer the whole time

Dayeon hates pandering to teenagers, she wants to do slutpop

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not an argument

lol I saw that I even thanked her for changing the track
based doob

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she cute
we love her

very true

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taeyeon hates snsd


>IVE still #1
Literally unstoppable

Keppy bros, it's the weekend. Finally.

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bp will get them soon

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BP couldn't even beat Newjeans

I did this too. twice. when internet comes back it's like morphine