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hoes mad

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idk but that would be ideal

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do you think dubu would tearfully take it?

when's Somi's comeback? I want her to release an R&B/pop comeback song.

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Not the wony thread we deserved but the wony thread we needed

If Lisa bought a car then why hasn't she been pictured in it yet

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poor yonhi forgot to button her shirt

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The Happies Girl = 11
Hard to love = 10

we prefer Somi's white girl music

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yes open her mouth and then stuff her full of calories


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now that bp is active again give it a year or 2

dollar store dubu

She needs her dad's permission first


it needs an update yeah

jihan grinding on zoa omo...

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We got to watch Lisa in real time turn from an innocent girl to a cockhungry dumpster slut

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she's modest obviously and it would be a bad idea to flex on koreans with the money you made from being in korea they probably hate that

she needs to cover up she is bringing down rocket punch's reputation acting like this

So you think she bought it but just keeps it in the garage

Nmixx Chads, it's gonna be great (September 20th)

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lol stop

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kpop idols are experts at being rich behind the scenes while pretending to be poor to garner sympathy from fans and to appear relatable

the only way for rocket punch to go from here is a stellar/hello penis style revamp

yejibros we love soul g

Not sure what you're talking about

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Remember when that guy dropped 20k of LV on Lisa at a fan sign and she didnt even give him a pity foot joonk under the stable?
What's her problem?

I want to know what car Lisa has if she actually has one it's frustrating

hard to love >> yeah yeah yeah >>>>> the rest

I want rosé mini albums on the regular so bad, it's not fair knowing it's foolish to hope for it

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still has trouble filling out that dress

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earlychud btfo

She has a meagre Saab because she doesn't have privilege, unlike some people

the happiest girl in the world

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increase the chimplants

No one dropped 20k LV on her but cumulatively she has received way more than 20k's worth probably

I sometimes doubt she even got fake tits or at least that the implants were tiny like

i call bullshit on jisoo hitting those high notes in the happiest girl, she isn't capable of that yet

any loserchad?

little goblina child

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20k (not far off the annual wage of a median person in a developed country) is peanuts to her

Now won't all the blinklets please shut up, please shut up, please shut up

At this point in time claiming that Lisa doesn't have privilege is pretty absurd, basically every pics of hers reeks of affluence

she is
when im down there

it was padding the whole time.

why does the new blackpink song go hard

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She doesn't have Korean privilege and her manager conned her out of tons of money


i think she just stuffs, its ghe only explanation

ok and you did that while she was recording in the studio? fat chance

come on, not even a taint tickle? or spit in the face?
doesn't she like her fans?

Love her but also so envious of her like crazy

you mean what his problem? with 20k you can get prettier escorts than lisa.

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most people accept lisa's privilege because she clearly worked hard for it


it doesn’t their rapping is fucking dogshit

watching kpop videos totally muted with jpop groups like m.o.v.e and folder 5 playing over them

we'll finally have some real music to talk about.

Her she was scammed but she is still rich she has millions. It's undeniable look at the people she's meeting and places she's going every other day they're all rich people and expensive settings


bruh you heard the notes
teddy got it

after giving birth to matthew's grandson-son

wony lost

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Wunky lost, Chump mogging that plastic shit

Based ChimpChad diluting the Blackstink onslaught

the more i listen the more i enjoy it

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Not really no

ok Maxwell, give us an album review

la sexmouth monkeyman

Laziest shit I've ever heard.

Ok that is an extremely cute Lisa. Excellent

I was almost clicking with it when jisoo started rapping and then rosé sounded great but then VROOM VROOM and it instantly unclicked. plus WHIP IT WHIP IT WHIP IT god, it's just not right why do they have to do that shit

sex (in mandarin)

wony never loses ever

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sakura is most greasy plastic idol ever

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keep watching me shut it down

she learned from emma watsons mistake

who are these commoners?

thank god she’s off some prescriptions and doesn’t even know what’s going on 90% of the time

why are bp bsides always so nice

oh yeah, also the overuse of bp in your area that bothered me too

Stupid blacked whores stealing the title of a pure group's song that already exists

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Elaborate please

The Happiest Girl - 2/10. Too many Jisoo grunting noises that reminds me of her entitled Snowdrop idiocy endangering the girls.
Pink Venom - 8/10 Lisa's rapping has really come along. She's really come into her own with flows and so on.
Shut Down - 7/10 I kind of wish they'd kept the aggression for their environmentalist activism, really, rather than this. But Lisa is good and Rosé is there!
Typa Girl - 3/10 The title is unironically stupid and promotes illiteracy typical of modern people. I can't endorse this.
Hard to Love - ?/10 Not a BLACKPINK song. She shouldn't do her solo rubbish on here.
Tally - 5/10 Meh.
Ready for Love - 7/10 A classic.

2022/09/17 Korea Youth Day Festival

Ive stayc kep1er

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yeah that shit annoys me too

1.) we are jealous of Lisa, 2.) we are jealous of males who enjoy Lisa's presence 3.) we are jealous of males who couple with Lisa 4.) we wish Lisa didn't act as such a slut sometimes 5.) we wish Lisa was more thoughtful to her fans 6.) if Lisa must have sex, we hope at least that it's with a strong male 7.) Jennie probably introduced Lisa to sex orgies in LA

hmmm I wonder....they must have a good producer haha.

I am glad you think so

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it's the level of effort that goes into them

It’s a banger

True except for points 6 and 7 which are complete rubbish

Classy's song had actually talent behind it.

yejibros we love ourselves

Teddy's splice subscription is the best $10 a month YG ever paid.