maxwell stop taking copius amounts of thc

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Aussiebro why do you don't rate Danielle? She's prettier than Lily

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all lily posting is ironic shitposting, same with bahyuggo

Lily's appeal is being hot because she's kind of ugly. Danielle's appeal is being too young for normal men to have any real desire for her.

bahi is well loved

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so going by what user said about lips/nipple/buttholes/genital coloring.

Wonho's...thingy would be pink?

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Is Lisa confirmed as the sluttiest member now?

no i like her personality

he ravaged her

as a filipino i love chanty

pretty sure some people legit live bahi, if nor for her legs alone

everyone is better looking than Lily

how tf is she so pale


bahi grew on me

wonho needs to stop showing so much skin...

how many of these does she have?
absolutely based

they're both uggos

dee snider getting it in

You guys said BP would suck. These are some Kino B sides.. WTF

3 afaik

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any more choco eebs


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>These are some Kino B sides.. WTF

I hear this every fucking time someone drops a shit album and I'm not falling for it again

I love lily unironically
very true and we all agree

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she must know by now, by the reactions she probably got

reichan kawaii desu !

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what did she write

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nobody said that tho

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Why can't you keep your head down and focus on your ult group? Why do you come to kpg to act out on your envy of others? Genuinely curious.

my daisy dukes wife

sluts cant stop

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very lily


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good b-sides are the biggest cope in kpop

just listened to born pink and it's the album of the year, there are no skips
my favorite songs are tally and the happiest girl

I must slam Gahyeon.

no one here can stick with a waifu or bias for more than 5 minutes

why did they force her to do this

i've had the same one for years

theres this injection you can get in Korea that helps your liver health, side effects is skin lightening and sensitivity to the sun

my wife

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except for blackpink since they're the only bsides people actually listen to

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please.. I woke up in need

thats why i have husbandos. i like my gaypoppers with cute perky butts

Nah for real I unironically like this Teddy shit. Guess thats what you get when you have 2 years and all of lockdown to make your album

been over 5 years with mine

i'm sure someone is working diligently to edit out the clothing.

after Taeyeon betrayed me, I never was able to find a bias who could stick around for long.

anybody get tickets for blackpink in the eu? i heard they went quick


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yeah! I want to love her right now..

Johnyoung is still fat...

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sluttiest in the MVs, purest in real life

no one actually listens to Black Pink for the music.
they exist purely as a concept.

>shit songs
>shit vocals
>shit visuals
>shit dancing
>anorexic group member
this group needs to disappear already

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the bekuh boom track unironically slaps

i'll have the same one for years

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poor lisa being forced to wear such impure clothing

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the only people that say good bsides are cope are schizos who aren't into kpop for the music at all
aka the cancer killing kpop

don't make me do this

fake yejibro

whats yalls thoughts on bean wiga?

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what are your thoughts on lalisa?

wony isn't the group leader of ive dummy

Someone is about to spam their pedo shitty otoke beaver thread in here

good b-sides are a cope because 99% of the time, a bad a-side means bad b-sides.
plenty of groups have good b-sides, but it is rare to see a company wilfully hide their best song.

manoban trans?
theyre alright for thai ladyboys

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>tfw incels will actually fap to this

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i love a good b-side but i only listen to my fav's

Why the fuck are there so many photos of Doy and Khalid (that black dude) is she not in Korea?

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who are your favs

hard to love isn't kpop but it's a good song I wish they'd let rose release more