Filtered by C

Why do redditors get filtered so hard by C? I have never seen anyone get filtered so hard by any language.
As soon as somebody mentions they use C (or C++), redditors begin to screech and seethe so much that it is almost impossible to believe.
What is their problem? What would they rather use?

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Well presumably if they are complaining about the PDP11, surely that means they use Forth!

>What is their problem?
Pointers and having to do everything themselves. Programming is hard when you don't have the intelligence or the talent to do it.

>PDP11 machines haven't been produced since 1980.
Your computer is closer to a PDP11 than an 8086. The fact that hardware vendors are building C into the hardware does not somehow make that not true.


Definitely Ruby


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For me it's

>having to do everything themselves
It's not hard, it's just a fucking chore.
Even the languages that handle a lot for you, still don't handle enough for my taste.
There is so much granular bullshit that you still have to deal with in 2022 which has been implemented 123412341234 times before that I really really feel dumb for having to do it once again.

Redditfolk prefer coding like this:

import library

That’s it. They cannot and will not try to understand what the library does. The library is usually built in C or C++ but they don’t want to think about that. They simply want to import and use. This is the way of the Redditor.

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Fetishizing C is hello world larp, but this is Reddit were talking about so they're either webshits or boomers who have never written code without Visual Studio.

Yes, you are the kind of autist I recently worked with.
Wasting 100h reading docu, trying to understand everything about the shit he implements for no reason but "it interests me" while the others do the work.

+ he knows a lot
+ he can fix shit when it breaks
- fuck ton of time wasted
- drives everyone crazy with his autism

I don't understand. Pointers are the "means of indirection" in C, but that paradigm is still used in virtually every other language, just slightly hidden. You're still effectively using pointers in JavaScript, for example, whenever you store an object in a variable. If you pass an object to a function, you're essentially passing a pointer. The functionality is virtually exactly the same, barring fiddly "pointer arithmetic" stuff, but that stuff was never that important to begin with.

I guess where I'm going with this is, if you don't understand pointers, you don't understand indirection, and if you don't understand indirection I'm not sure how you are a programmer. How do you have trees, lists or dictionaries without indirection?

HRESULT hr = nail->head(nail);

if (SUCCEEDED(hr)) {

I've seen more people get filtered by shit like Lisp or Haskell desu.
C still operates within a familiar paradigm, but once you take people to a new way of thinking they are just zombies.

Isn't this exactly what libraries are for? If you're implementing something yourself repeatedly, you could even make your own library.

>- fuck ton of time wasted
What if he wins it back on performance?

the goal is to solve new problems
higher level languages and good libraries allow you to solve new problems faster

I have a hard time believing that a single person can create a more optimized library than a group of highly experienced programmers and mathematicians

>taking PCJ seriously

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>Your computer is closer to a PDP11 than an 8086
the 8086 was already just a fast and small PDP11

>What would they rather use?
Rust, some of them.
Many people believe C is no good just because it's old. That's the level of intelligence we're dealing with here.

lmao at that blog
>this guy doesn't know what he's talking about and I will NOT be out-tarded

>Many people believe C is no good just because it's old. That's the level of intelligence we're dealing with here.
I mean most redditors buy a new phone every year or every other year to stay trendy so it's not exactly unexpected for them to act like this

>Which is fucking nowhere as PDP11 machines haven't been produced since 1980

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