Do you think this old PC case is worth anything to collectors?

Do you think this old PC case is worth anything to collectors?

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why are you ransacking an abandoned house

Give it back Jamal


its worth one mirrion dorrar

That's my house

install ReactOS on it

Thats a vacuum cleaner

>is worth anything to collectors
You might get $29 from a fairly large museum, but I don't think a personal collection would want it, especially in the condition it is in. Take it home and test it. Pull some files off the HDD and show us. Looks like it is from 1998-2004.
oof, lucky guess

Why do you live in an abandoned house?

op confirmed squatting hob
reactOS is a good choice for that old pos install latest nightly now

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$100 easy

I am more concerned with the house user........

Is everything alright fren?

gaymers will buy it to make muh epic sleepur



No but if you rip up those floors/walls you might find some expensive mushrooms to sell.

Comfy looking house, I'd much prefer to live somewhere like this than your typical sterile McMansion style home or apartment. I bet it's old as shit, it just needs some TLC.

wtf happened to it? please tell me you dont live there

probably you can get like a dollar max for it