Here's your four slot 500W GPU with 4 fans

Here's your four slot 500W GPU with 4 fans.
Don't worry it will only cost $2000.

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i remember when people called the 480 a housefire for being 250 watts

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the eternal whine of the poorfag

>what's your game

1080 ti Chads keep winning

Why won't someone make a chunky tower cooler GPU already? Sure it will look ugly, but it would also be quieter.

and I laughed at them with my HD 5870

just do a custom loop with aliexpress parts

The user friendly aspect is gone with that.

This is getting rediculous just make aios already holy fuck

>what's your game
Random indie titles, think I'll stick to amd gpu+Linux.

most cases wouldn't be able to fit a tower under the gpu

those have existed for a while

Why have George foreman grills with 4 fucking fans on them though this shit looks rediculous

that fits a lot better in most cases than a tower cooler would. having it be taller and shorter wouldn't be an upgrade.

What's a tower cooler you mean an aio? I have a big case but yeah caselets would be fucked


>the backplate has a fucking fan
you can't make this shit up

You sure? A PCIe bracket is 120mm make it square and it should fit most mid towers. Or use 90mm fans. Most people don't use more than 1 PCIe slot these days anyway. Seriously, I think there's an actual market for this.

itx sisters...

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based. honestly GPUs should use 5000w and 40 fans if it means they're 10x more powerful

Would they come with a "20% off your power bill for 3 years" coupon?