Let's assume pic related gets terminated

Let's assume pic related gets terminated.
How much time does it have before ads start bypassing it?

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what autstic logic is this? if its terminated then it wont have any time left.

try again, Sheldon

she thinks she could still use the older version

>How much time does it have before ads start bypassing it?
this is a misguided thesis and question
ads and adblockers has always been a cat and mouse game, there will be ways

how many people actually use ublock? anybody know?

In firefox, 5 million people use uBO

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the play is on manifest v3


>firefox users are thieves. google chrome enables an open internet by paying video creators, journalists, and brands!

Just use Brave then, problem solved.

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Be Brave. Be Based. Based on what? Based on Brave.

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>Just use Brave
>Even though they've admitted that they'll only support ad blocking as long as some enterprise thing in Chrome allows it

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thank you for redeeming the BRAVE browser sir

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*Based on Chromium.

please do not spread misinformation about the BRAVE browser sir

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There's twice as many uBO users on chrome

I'm quoting my crystal ball. When Chrome users are forced to eat the bugs they'll be weaponized against Firefox.

You will never block ads efficiently. You have no means to block ads, nor the will to do so.
Real ad blocking begins with a pi hole with up to date lists as local dns server with dnssec, NoScript and at last ublock origin.

>There's twice as many uBO users on chrome
and chrome has 20x more users than firefox

I think chrome has a lot more people that use adblock and adblock plus and shit like that, and I'm also pretty sure they stop tracking users past 10 million, because all the top extensions seem to have +10 million users.