How to stay updated with websites what don't have a RSS feed?

How to stay updated with websites what don't have a RSS feed?

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Api or scraping

Make a web scraper that creates an RSS feed for you.

Or just don't use that website at all

basedjak dot party

The staff deserve to be killed. Life is hard enough for that girl without memories of shit like that. She'll remember it for the rest of her life. Unnecessary and cruel.

The girl deserved to be killed. Life is hard enough for the staff without memories of a fat shit like that. They'll remember her for the rest of their lives. Unecessary and repulsive.

God, americans are hideous

>hurr life is hard
>eat 200 cheeseburgers
do americans really?


those are Bongs, user
if the feed is just a pointer to an article this guy scrapes it for you and replaces it.


SIX ?!

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>girl calls police because someone called her fat
>American police: stop wasting our time
>British police: Sends the riot squad and employs "thought correction"
holy kek this dystopian shit is real, Bongs are literally 1984 the country.

Angloids are hideous.

Honestly fuck those people, if a thin person ordered 6 cheeseburgers no one would take the piss but because she's fat everyone laughs at her.

A thin person wouldn't order 6 cheeseburgers.

a thin person wouldnt order 6 cheeseburgers

idk where that happened but where I live if you call the cops just because someone is making fun of you, the cops give you a few slaps and charge you $40 for their services


fatty want her burgies, don't laugh.

i've ordered 100 nuggets from mcdonalds before. honestly worth it once in a while.
its not about eating like a pig, its about eating like a pig consistently

i'm not clicking that shit

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