"the logitech superlight"

So let me get this right
>150$ "premium" mouse
>the keys have left/right wobble (WHAT!?)
>wobbly mooshy side buttons (WHAT?!)
>neither the top of the bottom is made from metal. all plastic
>they found a way to make it double click again

You do understand that..if there are plastic mice for 10$...to pay 150$ for a mouse....it must have some sort of metal in it, even silver at this point. It literally should have fucking silver.

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compare that to my a4tech bloody meme mouse for 40$ that has a METAL bottom side.

If you are selling me a 150$ mouse...it better be made from the best quality plastic (i want a fucking seal and label) and it better be laser machined to manometer quality. absolutely no wobblyness and mooshiness.
are you fucking kidding logitech?

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I have korean memehole mouse and nothing wobbles, everything feels premium, try it if you want

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>now the mouse weights 400g


I want an update to the G703 with USB-C, no rubber pads, a reliable scroll wheel and buttons, and $50 MSRP.
But that would be a good and fairly priced product, so Logitech isn't capable of making it.

judging by my already metal bottom side a4tech mouse...i wouldnt call it heavy.

you do realize a thin metal plate isnt that heavy right?

This. I added chink silent switches from kailh and it’s glorious now. Only thing that could be (much) better is the scrollwheel

Why did you pay $150 for it then?

Tell me lads. Is there a mice for large hand with great durability and a decent sensor in this day and age? I was going to create a thread just to ask this but I know you can help me. My current mice is a g400 but this shit is getting old (more than 10 years)

>neither the top of the bottom is made from metal. all plastic
>they found a way to make it double click again
I want to get off this ride. The shitty glued-on plastic at the bottom is already slipping away... again.
Still better than Rat9 and Razer Mamba I used before. I have a terrible taste, and I deserve everything that's coming to me.

Nice one.
Whats the brand and model?

89 gram G502 is out and literally every other mouse is now reductant. Unless you're a turbo-zoomer who just "needs" a

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im not paying 160$ for a mouse
that is once again made from cheap plastic with the cheapest 1 pass paint job from a rattle can.

pulsar xlite wireless v2 mini

It also has a stupid RGB groove on top. Smooth mice are easier to wipe down and don't pick up as much dirt. Human hands are oily, and these companies haven't figured that out yet despite designing things the human hand is supposed to use. Even if it were $30 I wouldn't buy it. It's not an intelligently designed product.

I haven't had issues with mine yet aside from the finish rubbing off where I grip it on the far side with my fingertips. An unnecessary luxury purchase. The 3 or so day battery life is a bummer. The G305 isn't appreciably heavier, is like 1/5 the cost, and a single AA lasts for months at a time. I also have a wired Glorious Model D which is larger without the ambidextrous design but feels just as light. I know it comes in wireless now too, but again I don't know how I feel about charging my mouse every 3 days.

tldr don't be a consumer bitch like me and just get a G305, you can buy a new one every year if you want to claim they break constantly

works on my mouse
you are probably just a gorrilla retard who can't use something without breaking it because you're a retard

no fuck the g305. its not worth 50$ fucking dollars for an entry level "cheap" mouse.
cheap mouses should cost 10$ like a4tech.
ill get a razer orochi v2

Why do you weak little fairy men need super light mouses anyway? nigga just develop actual muscles like lift a weight lmao

>its not worth 50$ fucking dollars
Good that it's only $35 then.
Shit, I got my G603 for under $50

Personally I just crank up the sensitivity so that I barely have to move my wrist to do 360s.

You can change that to user.

Is high polling rate important? I notice it puts heavier load on my CPU even when moving the mouse around.

I use a G703 and don't really care about less weight, but I do see how lighter weight can help with your responsiveness. Inertia and mass and all that.
Probably more of a placebo thing under 100 grams. Most tech boys are girly too, so maybe it helps them.