Nail cutter

Ok autists, what is the best nail cutter to buy

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Your teeth

Japs have the best ones.
Also a box cutter works just fine.

They are all the same, just like milk

i use a small einhell belt grinder

>box cutter

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a manicure set

These, but has to be bent ones

not arr same. i have 2 practically identical looking ones, and one of them grinds the blades by pushing one of them forwards as you cut, essentially chewing your nails instead of cutting them.

Are those a thing somewhere? Everyone uses scissors here.
Thought they were all the bent type.

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They're super sharp, you won't cut yourself unless you go all in like a tard.
How you think my grandfather did his nails in a war? With a manicure set? No, a foldable knife is all he needed.

>Are those a thing somewhere?
Yes in the developed world

>just like milk
Not where I'm from. Most regular milk tastes like garbage. I have to go to Costco or buy specialty brands to get stuff that doesn't have a sour aftertaste.

There's straight ones with blade parts a little thicker. Dunno if those are for something else though
>Are those a thing somewhere?
I've seen them a few times in Finland, some seem to prefer them to scissors for whatever reason. Never got why I'd use them over scissors

honest question, why the fuck are those so damn expensive?
>inb4 buy chink shit
they're literal shit

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It’s much faster than scissors. Scissors are for women.

Undeveloped world doesn't have Fiskars.

>fatherless millennial single mom children using fucking women’s scissors to trim their nails
Men died with Gen X

clippers go to the same meme product basket along with cheese slicer

i have long nails and i use a clipper, wtf are people using scissors for?

Scissors just works better, simple as.

Knipex minu sidecutter.

they would be faster if they took the whole nail off in one chomp, but that's not the case, you gotta snip snip snip like a faggot when you could just cut it in one swoop

>doesnt give a shit about his nails
your grandfather sounds like a caveman, oh my gosh.

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He's half dead, cut the veterans some slack.
t. also a veteran but I use german cutters