Oh no no no

>Can solve leetcode
>Still needs to pay 100k just to be on some roasties radar
OMG tech fags are so pathetic it hurts

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>Doing a chink tier surgery than can leave you crippled or amputated.
Just accept the fact that you're a manlet and move on bros.

only pajeets and ricecels do this

The absolute state of normalfags

You aren't making the point you think you're making. The point you're actually making is that women make bad decisions on a scale capable of damaging society and should have all political and sexual agency removed from them.

We don't to breed a bigger nigger who can throw a spear 10 feet further than the last generation's biggest nigger. We need to be breeding scientists and engineers who are smarter than the scientists and engineers the Chinese are making.

Failure to do that results in a future world where a bunch of bigger nigger types live as cattle under a Chinese technocracy.

Pretty sure this. The funny part is that no amount of surgery will make them white.

Manlet here, I constantly bully other manlets who haven't accepted our condition, the bottom of the manlets pit is a wild place.

What about michael jackson?

stop being jealous poorfaggot. jesus christ this isn't Any Forums related.

>he cares about 3dpd
you are the one to be laughed at, sperg

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holy shit feels good not being a manlet

195cm here. It really does feel good however these "manlets" are shooting themselves in the foot. They dont realise being short actually helps a lot of lifting. They can get absolutely ripped because their joints/statue can support it better. I cannot fathom what this does to the joints, you'll basically become an old man.
Being tall is a cheat but if you're average/taller than the girl, you still have a chance, just get Any Forums

How do you even begin to explain to people who know why you suddenly got taller?

>explain to people who know why
Um, you don't?

Oh I get it, the kind of people to undergo that surgery has no friends, no coworkers, no family

can you even do physical activites like running and jumping after this? this shit is almost as gay as curting your own dick

Just move to another city/state.
America is big.

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You don't get it. If they know the why of something, you don't need to explain it.

do they also embiggen arms?
I thought body size had a ratio of sorts

Im no doctor but wont this leave your leg bones with a weak point that could easily break?

They actually do but most people only do the leg surgery and end up looking like T-Rex

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meant for e.g.

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Arms generally go down to the hips. If you're gonna lengthen any single part to get taller, legs makes sense and if you don't overdo it, I think you'll get away with it. Gonna need some non-marketing photos to be sure.

Modding your body to get what you want is technology.
Accepting yourself for who you are is not technology.

Can you workout properly after this?
I member that south park episode.

The man can't even stand up properly. 40 years and then you choose to live off-balance so you can your mommie's forehead?

Women do it to

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Since this sentence doesn't make sense, I will choose to interpret it as follows:
>How do you even begin to explain to people who know you why you suddenly got taller?
(note the addition of "you")

The answer is thus: "I got taller because I got a leg extension surgery."
One may choose to elaborate as follows: "I'm tired of everyone's first impression of me being that I'm unimportant and can be safely dismissed. I've tried to change people's minds, but there are a lot of people and I have only two legs. It turned out to be easier to change my legs."

I hate this gay earth

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