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Russia = cucks

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kiwimesh .st domain stays winning

Soon you'll run out of countries with internet to host from.

forcing people to pay for ddos mitigation is the reason the cia assassinated ian to make sure systemd would be installed on all linux computers

How on earth do you figure those two things are related?

so much butthurt over a forum full of autists laughing at your former career as a fart/findominatrix & camwh*re. that's clout-chasers for ya'

spoke too soon, chud.

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No shit. Russia was always a shitty cucked nation full of glue sniffing retards.

Host in space then? When you can route around the wires layed down, you'll be free. Didn't MLKjr say something about being free to judge a man for his character? His character, him, he his, sir, no lady or zxtheirm? So it's only fair that we can judge lucas of HIS crimes against humanity.

Elon musk could make a shit load of money from this, have an uncensorable internet.

This guy knows what's up.

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tf you on about?
ultimately kiwifarms is a niche retard site and telling them off is more "business sense" than not. no one will host them unless they're explicitly looking for infamy.

>non onion link

would love to read your garbage but it doesn't work

Elon Musk should host KF since he's a free speech absolutist.
He's worth more than Cloudflare's total valuation, so nobody can do shit.
Money is the supreme diety and people would gladly host "immoral" sites if one pays the price (including social costs).

>kiwi farms

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I'm surprised Russia chucked. would have been an easy black eye for the west

putin should execute those faggots

Musk isn't a "free speech absolutist", what the fuck are you on about? Did you fall for his personality cult PR bullshit? You really need to be more careful when biting into those worms.

why? Russia literally has no concept of free speech and their online content laws are pure garbage. It's surprising they hosted them at all.

>Elon Musk should host KF since he's a free speech absolutist.
They don't need hosting, they already self host, they need DDOS protection.

My Artix install doesn't have systemd though.

Elon is notorious for going after people who make fun of him, or call out his scam companies. He's exactly the wrong sort of person to champion the Kiwi Farms. Besides his money is mostly tied up in Tesla shares, i.e. it's fake. But money's not everything. The Kiwi Farms is being removed from the internet because of institutional corruption. If people care about keeping the internet free they're going to need to do their own long-march. The problem mainly is payment processors; PayPal, Stripe, MasterCard, Visa, and so on are all fully on board with wokism. I dont' know if they have inserted themselves into this debacle yet, but if there was some CloudFlare competitor who could handle the DDOS attacks they would then be getting notified by those companies that they will drop Kiwi Farms or the payment processors will drop them.

Russia is a country of depressed alcoholics. They've suffered a lot of brain drain since the fall of the USSR. Don't let the posturing fool you, they're depressive wimps who believe it's their destiny to get pushed around.

I see the kiwifags are now making tier lists for how totally not assblasted they are.
I'd say it's ironic that the site made to track "lolcows" is now run, moderated and frequented by people with the universes most fragile snowflakes with victim complexes. They've become everything they claim to laugh at.
Oh well. Guess that's what happens when you track the fatties and furries. The only way to get 99% of the dirt they have on people is by having a fetish for the exact same shit they judge others for; otherwise they'd never hear of any of it.

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I just said dipshit, to give a black eye to the west and globohomo who doesn't practice what it preaches. I'm not suggesting that putin is a big free speach advocate lol

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Based Russia get fucked kiwitrannies