It's over

It's over

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>when ublock exists

I already blocked those.

Don't care

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>webcam access required to verify ad viewing

not on my watch. also
>reddit filename twitter screenshot

this is coming.

>Obs virtual camera required

I just bought premium for my whole family.

You can't expect youtube to provide a service for free

Not my problem.

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>Please drink verification can

grown adults with jobs should be expected to pay for the content they consume - you can pay with time (ads) and support the content you enjoy, or pay a small monthly fee and support the creators that way. sure, you can use ublock, but only because you're in the minority. If everyone did that, all those cool channels you like would disappear

Put a hundred more, I don't give a fuck with ublock and nuclear

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Is the author in prison yet?

>be google
>show five 12 second ads on youtube instead of a single 1 minute ad
>ad views increase five-fold

He's being paid more than any of us ever will.

>10 mother fucking ads
I refuse to believe this is real

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Hi Shlomo.

yea, no, i'm not gonna subsidize their ad business

>*Laughs in adblock*
>*Laughs in vanced*
>*Laughs in smarttubenext*

YouTube ads are now like Twitch ads.

Beginner tier:
Intermediate tier:
>not watching and following any YT video/channel that has ads and/or sponsored content in the first place
>Ascended tier:
>realizing YT is a colossal waste of time and the single redeeming "b-but there's educational content on there" cope is moot considering any respectable field will have better text and print resources available

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Even if you pay for premium, most youtubers still shill products from their sponsors anyway. Imagine paying to get away from ads and still get served ads.


a video sharing site should be provided as a free service, funded by taxes on the wealthy

>Youtube gives me no ads anywhere, even on devices that have no adblock
My 2008 account is invulnerable, no need to buy their shitty subscription service either. I feel bad for you guys

>watching kiketube

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Youtube is also testing anti-uBlock ads. Prepare for a golden age of content funded by ads.


>Ascended tier
yeah I went through this phase too, but honestly, the solution is just to not watch garbage - by only watching what you think is worth your time, you're automatically not wasting your time. disregarding its worth is something only we can do because we take it for granted

okay, now this I can get behind

that's true, but if youtube had used a fundamentally different payment structure from the start, where viewers pay directly to content creators, we wouldn't have had the "adpocalypse" that led to youtubers diversifying their revenue streams

it's gonna go the Netflix route
>pay us to not see ads
>*several years pass*
>ok now pay us to see ads but slightly less than cable

>realizing YT is a colossal waste of time
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The more they stuff advertising into things, the less profitable each advert becomes.
So they will always add more ads to continue the devaluation of ads.

In a sense it's already like that cause artists often put sponsorship ads in the middle of the video

As if youtube wanted to kill itself even more and shift everyone away to TikTok.

ah yes, Youtube/google is definitely not capable of implementing server-side ad weaving similar to what Twitch did a couple years ago. "adblock" by staring at a black screen for 30 or 40 seconds.

That's not youtube doing it though, they don't profit from youtubers getting sponsorship deals.