The kitty terminal is made by a pajeet

The kitty terminal is made by a pajeet.

I've been running jeet code on my machine for 3 months without realizing it.

I want to puke

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Run "st"
It's white men's code.

I fucking hated the concept of kitty the moment I heard about it. I'm absolutely not surprised that it's pajeetware. You don't need GPU acceleration in your terminal ffs. Linux framebuffer is not GPU accelerated and it has lower latency than any terminal emulator.

Good morning sirs


>Linux framebuffer is not GPU accelerated
No wonder when you are compiling software on Genturd with a kernel console it seems like the compiler output takes ages to scroll past. I wouldn't be surprised if for certain software the time taken to actually display the compiler commands is nontrivial.

>paying for Any Forums
opinion discarded

>I've been running jeet code on my machine
...You use Windows, I reckon?

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Any Forums without a pass is free if you don't value your time.
Enjoy solving Crapchas.

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Only fucking terminal emulator that renders fonts with the glyphs correctly.

Based pajeet desu

>t. Misaki

>fonts with the glyphs
what did xir mean by that?

still better than alacrittypoop term

covid goyim's code > your garbage code

S-Stop, baka

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>Enjoy solving Crapchas

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Kitty? We use st here.

Link to the captcha solver?

literally just search Any Forums captcha solver

They aren't puzzles, just 5 characters that need repeating. 7 extra keystrokes to all my posts means I didn't have to fall for the crypto-meme

Just use eshell, or ansi-term. Emacs has the best terminal emulators

so a pajeet has made something that you and thousands of people enjoy using. what have you made so far?

nice reddit spacing btw

No white man would want to work at that shitty company.

You're not the smartest are you?

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