Just bought it

just bought it

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give it back jamal


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Enjoy OP

I recently got a 13 pro and I absolutely love it.

Really blows budget android devices out of the water.

>comparing a 1000$ phone to a budget one


yeah, you either buy a premium Apple device or a budget andreet shitbrick

he chose the right one

I just finished setting up my iPhone 14. Fuck the stock wallpapers. They have embedded political shit into the wallpapers with "unity" and "pride" wallpapers. I would drop Apple the minute a decent alternative existed just because of the political shit they do. Steve Jobs wouldn't have done any of this.

Also, the other wallpapers suck. I need to make my own. There is live weather wallpaper but it is too blank, mostly just sky.

spoken like a true closet homo

>someone made a thread I don't like so I better shit it up like an autistic baby

yeah thats more blatant than apple usually are (on the device itself, not ads)

its weird their collections are fags and niggers and almost nothing else, like its really lacking


>muh poorfag
His points still stands

the only reason to buy an andreet device is if you are too poor for iphone

Android devices cost more than iPhones.

the only android devices that cost more than iphones arent strictly phones

Can you delete those wallpapers from your device?

android is an operation systems.

>using a closed-source non-free proprietary operating system

xperia pro is strictly a phone

nice goatse. enjoy your prolapse

They should have a Mars one to go with the Earth and Moon ones but someone at Apple probably thinks that’s sucking on Elon Musk’s dick too hard
The new wallpapers are a massive disappointment and they don’t even have decent old wallpapers unless you bring your own or download the old ones


looks to be roughly the same price as a 1tb 14 pro max in my market

FYI the six colors wall is a throwback to the early Apple logo, it's not a rainbow flag