Can males be raped by females ?

Can males be raped by females ?

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Physycally impossible
(Unless the female is ugly)


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No because if a woman pinned me down, I would like it very much so it would not be rape. It has to be a biological woman though because chicks with dicks don't exist, they are only guys with tits.

Yes (if woman is ugly.

No. I'm far too strong for them.

I wish

yes, a few women have started fucking me while I was still asleep, if I did that it would be rape, but it's fine for them somehow

Yes, it's called pegging.

all sex is rape. The only consensual sex is how frogs do it

Any male can BTFO the strongest
female in combat
Hell i would even say Kids could do it
So the physical argument is out of place here

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Theoretically yes but in practical terms most men are going to be receptive unless the woman is especially ugly.

Thats fucking torture and humiliation
Thats not rape
Rape = forced sex

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Why not both ?

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I was forced to get pegged..

Some males can be raped by a select few females.
Most females cannot rape physically.
If however you consider the gouvernment, femrape is a given and happens every single day.

Adult men can’t be raped by women throw by being physically overwhelmed alone. There needs to be another variable in play, such as being drugged.

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can't rape the willing

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Only if the females have dicks.

I hope you killed her afterwards
Even a kid can beat the strongest woman in the world
The physical argument doesnt work
The girl could drug you/make you sleep

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yes, hopefully

Kill yourself futafag

sure, but only if the females have guns
>but you can't get an erection
google "sounding rod"

Possible in theory but would be retarded to apply the same standards.
It's fucking retarded when men's rights activist types pick the horse to die on of female rapists when there are a million better uses of their time like divorce court.
I also am fine with women getting lighter sentences when they are fucking a student than a male. If I had a 16 year old son and found out he was banging his 25 year old hot chick teacher, I'm not gonna say I would just give him the thumbs up, but it would be a COMPLETELY different story if the genders were reversed and I would want to be allowed to personally beat the teacher to death if he was banging my daughter.
The reason is because that's just the natural way it is. A teenage male banging his teacher isn't being "damaged" by the experience in the context of our society whereas the reverse is true if the genders are swapped. If there are Any Forums users that despise women and use that as the reason they think the punishments should be the same, then you're just an intellectually inconsistent retard. Choosing that in particular to say there should be equality when most of us would like logical inequality in so many other areas in beyond fucking stupid.

I wish a group of feminine women came into my room right now and raped me

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I was raped by my cousin multiple times from 7 years old to 13
At first I hated it then I started to like it because it became "normal"
Now I can only get off to straight shota and I can't have any normal relationships because normal sex makes me nauseous
Rape is great

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You can shoot back

Why ?
You cant even see the female

Yes, it happens all the time in Japan. Women there are really horny for some reason.

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it elevates your sense of smell and taste

Or some super fat hambeast that'll flatten you with her weight

Exactly, that's why I said some.

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Valentina Shevchenko would heem your faggot ass to death in a second.
Yes. If alcohol is involved.

Not even some
Its all of them
I could be 10 year old and BTFO the strongest female in the world

I could kill her barehanded even if i was a cripple
Women and men are like different species
Its impossible for a female to beat a man

she's 57kg. even i could beat the ever-loving shit out of her right now.



Only if shes not attractive. but the same applies to females roped by males

Even a child could

submitting to whamen is peak faggotry.

>that face
no rikey

Some guy wrote jokingly that women can't be rapists and I Took IT seriously and I wouldn't Joke about it.
Fuck ara ara memes.


Submitting to anyone is peak faggotry

I don't wanna talk about it...

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>and I Took IT seriously and I wouldn't Joke about it.
Fuck ara ara memes.

Seems like you got a story to tell

doesn't seem like homosexuality to me

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Are females so ugly, unattractive, and avoided these days threads like these are the only way to make them seem viable?


tried but failed

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Strap on dildos exist
It's considered rape in some areas of penetrate with your fingers
Yes, it's physically possible

Yes. Women abuse emotionally/mentally, note how these concepts are very abstract in our system, so they're hard to enforce. A male would never be able to call rape on a woman who activates his simp mode and never gives him anything in return, nor can he retaliate. She is robbing him of his masculine vitality without giving anything back. Even prostitutes have more honor, as there is a financial transaction involved with clear enough terms.

For the sake of clarity, women should be considered property, and men having pre-marital sex should be considered rape in the sense that said property was damaged/stolen in some way from another man, whether it be a family member, husband, etc. Men want to cum, women want free shit, especially attention, marriage is how civilizations reconcile these two primal desires in a functional way. Now send me some mommy dommies, I need to get off on my Stockholm syndrome as to who's really in charge.

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