ITT: The Council has congregated to determine the fate of

ITT: The Council has congregated to determine the fate of...

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Chinese cats!

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The topic of Chinese Cats has been motioned for deliberation. Is there a second for the motion?

post cat rekt

A motio0n requesting more cat rekt has been made. Is there a second for the motion?

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Post moar like these
You deserve to be murdered.

Your fortune: Better not tell you now

A vote to defeat the request for more cat rekt has been levied. Unless a seconding motion is made, the topic is defeated.

The topic of Chinese Cats is still viable for further motions.

At this point in the deliberations, grumblings of discontent on the efficacy of the proceedings may proceed.

I would like to take the podium and allot myself 10 minutes.

My fellow councilmen... if we are provoked by idiots, do we not facepalm? Is it not our tendency to flame the trolls in a desperate attempt to rid our once glorious board of trash such as they. Yet woe to those among us who simply turn to blame instead of flame, citing the Jews, niggers, and trannies. Can we not simply get rid of Mr. Cuddles?

Trial by cum-bat would be faster.

I yield the remainder of my time to the councilmen calling for violent resolution.

The window for the topic of Chinese cats has expired. The debate to utilize sexually violent resolutions is now in order unless there are any further motions for topic?

Would the council like to be petted? You've been very good, and deserve some attention

Too much porn, not enough cats on this board

May Bast bless us with more diligent councilmen.

I second the motion to be petted.

*Sigh* Well shit... I was trying to have some fun. Sorry it wasn't something you wanted to get into. I have to get ready for work now. I'll be back this evening to hang out. I'll be off for the weekend, so I might be up all night tonight. It depends on how tedious today's grind will be.


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Talk to you later Any Forumsabe.

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