Do you suffer from misanthropy user?

Do you suffer from misanthropy user?

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Then again, No, I don't consider niggers human

Stop fucking up the board with shit like this, logfag
You'll post anything to get attention, you sick fuck

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Where do I get some of those magic meds everyone talks about?

Absolutely I do.

Good lord E, you're so immature

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I just find it funny how every single one of these people shut up the moment you ask why they haven't blown their brains out yet

Who's the hottie

i wouldn't call it suffering

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Fuck you. Your lameass threads are everywhere
Fucking attention freak

I don't suffer from it, I am debilitated by it. Every day it is a painful reminder that I am surrounded by nonces and twats

The vast majority are not mine lol.

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>I'll respond to every thread calling OP the logfag, knowing I'll get replies
Who's the real "attention freak" here, E?

The fuck they aren't. It's easy to spot your mediocre style. Do you think you're 'saving' Any Forums you cringe fuck?


Hate is foolish, love is wise.

no brains to blow

more like nigganthropy

Dylan had lots of love stored in him


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