Gyaru X Goth thread

Gyaru X Goth thread

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imagine a kino where they do this

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sauce on the right?

That's AIKA, probably one of the top 5 most famous Japanese porn actresses

And she was a good friend

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outta my way gyaru/ganguro fukken shits

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aika is pure

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thank you frens

Goths are plebeian normie trash, and only dressing up for attention. Punk, skinheads or metalheads are all better.

Me on the left

someone post sleeping aika
this is important

>only dressing up for attention
That’s the point dumbass. Girls who want attention are easy.

she fucked hundreds of guys, what if she fucked an ugly fatso? probably didn't even faze her

Does this genre exist in JAV? Girls fucking disgusting dudes, thats my fetish.

what do you think

That's like 50% of all JAV.

nah, pic related is quite rare sadly

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>That’s the point
No it isn't, you normalfaggot

Search: kimomen jav.

>you will never be ugly bald man fucking hot girls in Japan
why even live?

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How is it not? Are women not for fucking? You a fag?

Well I can see a good career path if I move there.

Is that Taylor Swift?

You should only want to fuck the real deal, not disingenuous attention whores

>quite rare
Rare? The guy in makes like a dozen new movies every month and has been in hundreds of videos. They aren't even the ugliest.

>not being disingenuous
Lmao keep waiting for that “real deal” buddy I’m sure she’ll come along one day

i mean compared to most jav dude, they put out like hundreds of movies/year

>porn thread
>fagots would rather argue about how "women are le bad"
lmao, kys

was there ever crossover of that?
also why do they use those cups in jav?

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Like this guy?

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mental illness thread

that guy is based
wow sick comeback dude, you are one of the cancers that plagues this board. I think you are on the same level as trannies. Lowest of the low.

Fuck this trend, it looks sickly.

here's a you. one's the best i can do

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>mass replier
>calls others mentally ill
had a good kek


you're replying to a guy, at least learn how to use that catchphrase

I know I’m replying to a guy. Because you’ll never be a woman.

sleeping aika pls

Yes, i know, i am not trying to. You certainly act like one though


mental illness thread

this is important