Is this a man?

is this a man?

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With that chili bowl haircut, I'd say that young man would shoot up a school

I still love you Juwanna Mann

no but i know what this thread is

No. It an image of a mentally unwell female.

No it is a woman with mental illness.

Voyager from the future here : you'd be correct.

No it's a waste of nice tits.

Is this a pipe?

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right? I was like... shit, that was a dumb ass move.

Friend of a friend of a friend told me she's angry that she now looks like a 12 year old boy who works out. She wants to get plastic surgery now to give her more chad-alpha features.

That's lad needs to start lifting.

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Like slapping God in the face...

no. its not even a boy. its a mutilated woman who left-winged herself retarted.

Does it have both penis and vagina?

Literally no. Also functionally no. No in pretty much every way. That is a Trans Man.

That's the world's biggest surgical fuckup.

But you'll never be a woman.