Why do you hate mancs and the geordie people?

Why do you hate mancs and the geordie people?

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What the fuck even is this flag

The UK.

What the fuck did you do to north ireland?

What the fuck do you thinka I did?

Who are the geordie people ? I'm a britton so I don't hate Manx people, celtic unity and all.

Would you have understood what I meant if I had written it as Jordi?

No, because again, I'm a britton. I don't live on your retarded anglo-saxon island.

Irish pleb detected.

Anglos really are subhumans. Fucking niggers, I hate every single one of you. Also I'm not Irish, I'm britton, which means I live in mainland europe, not on a fucking island like you retards up there.

Geordies are mint

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People don't hate Geordies, also the best night out you'll ever have.

The Geordie people?

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People don't hate mancs or jordies they just can't understand what they fuck they're saying. Utd supports are filth though gas them all.

I don't, they are better than Londoners.

Would you guys not agree that the Scouse are the most disliked?

Toon toon

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Nah scousers are sound. Horrible voices but decent people


we're staying in the UK, not joining the EU.

What a weird way to identify yourself.

It's a horrible accent but they are decent people on the whole.

No. Northerners have more personality and soul than southerners. (fixed)

Way more northerners in the army too, it's an easy job to get and beats prison or a council estate. And if you void infantry you'll get a trade out of it too.

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Yeah. It's too bad I wasn't and never will never be eligible. Then again, would I want to join the army? Nah. Fuck that.