You drive, see that, wyd?

You drive, see that, wyd?

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get out and eat her pussy right there

slow down and swerve a bit so she doesn't try to sue me.

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I'd probably turn the car 360 degrees and drive away tbh

Floor it

Pedal to the metal

Take her to a hidden spot and have my way with her naked body. She's fucking hot

Call my marine biologist friends to come check out why this live whale is in the fucking mountains

That would be 1st degree murder. And also it's spelled petal to the metal retard. A medal is something they give you at the Olympics

low test. Very sad. Many such cases

You dumb right? Right?

Petal to the metal?

Talking about a medal?

Hey moron, 360 degrees means you'd still be facing the same direction. Its a full circle

Get shy probably

Look for other cows hiding who will try to overtake you if you stop.


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are you fucking stupid or something ?

shut the fuck up pussy

imagine having no standards and thinking you are manlier just because you fuck any women thats alive

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Stop and rape them go on about my way

Swerve so they're on my driver side door, open the door and hit them in the face and laugh into the sunset

"Look kids, it's a ginger bison".
*Drives around the ruminant to avoid hurting it*

Make love to her, in her pussy and asshole, suck and sniff her toes and cum deep inside her, hopefully she gets pregnant and carries my son.

>thinking you are manlier just because you fuck any women thats alive

Correct. There's nothing more manly than spreading your seed far and wide

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t. retards who dont know English.

Are you fucks ESL or some shit? Jesus Christ read a book once and awhile.

she would birth you many strong sons if you treat her right. Or keep her locked in your basement so she cant escape

A petal is part of a flower user, cars have pedals though and stomping the accelerator is euphemistically known as pedal to the metal.
I happen to be an ESL and I find it funny that I had to correct you on this.

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