Cel thread Liz Edition II

Cel thread Liz Edition II

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>I threw a wish in the well

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>I want to believe you so fucking badly chaddy but I just dont see how I can. Theres just too much going on and too many coincidences for me to believe it's not you and it fucking kills me it literally breaks my heart. I mean let's be real here we both know it's not beady because he's too dumb not to give himself away. Plus he's too stupid to come up with any of the stuff my bullies come up with. All that stuff about my parents dying and my dad beating me I mean it's literally abuse. I'm being abused every day on those threads and it's cruel and it's not fair. There's too much for me to believe it's not you and it's like you stabbed me in the fucking heart and then pulled it out and smashed it into a thousand pieces and it hurts so much because I still love you

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URGENT: After careful deliberation I have decided that, against the wishes of the people, I will most likely not coom tonight after all. I'm too addicted to the feeling of my pathetic balls being full and achey, and me being desperately horny. Thank you for your understanding.

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Git gooned

cum to liz

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Yisss (only not today bc I've already gooned like 6 hrs away today and its hot af and I'm dehydrated)
You can't tempt me, satan!...ok maybe you can, Liz looks like a very lovely woman, but my resolve for denial is 2 strong for this today

hot, who would you cum to given the chance?

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Don't ask her she'll never tell.

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Drink some water and come back in a few hours. We'll be here

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Show me your waifu's boobs

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sexy. all the chicks from euphoria get me going tbh

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Well yeah. It's Friday and you've got no friends or gf. Where else you gonna be?

such a cutie

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Cute JJ >>>> slutty JJ
Work from home, buddy

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