If you post an image on Any Forums does it linger in archives forever?

If you post an image on Any Forums does it linger in archives forever?

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Are you fucking retarded? Everything we do lingers here forever. Nothing can be completely deleted from existence. Have you not looked at the night sky before? Some of those stars you’re looking at aren’t even there, it just took that long for the light to reach us. What you can actually do is compile the light from a star or planet and with advanced technology you can literally look back through time. You could watch every second of humanity’s history etc. I’ve already done it, I’ve seen it. You fucking dickheads are still fighting with each other over fucking vaccines and niggers playing roles in big movies for the production companies to seem diverse in order to avoid lawsuits. Don’t you get tired of that shit? I’m sitting here in fucking space drinking a frozen blueberry Fanta just watching you retards farting in bubble baths and playing politics.


>Everything we do lingers here forever
I dunno man, I was looking at what Any Forums looked like in 2010 and most of that shit is wiped except for the funniest shit and screenshots.

OP if you're worried about your cringe /soc/ picks being picked up by a facial recognition site, calm down. The archives suck and cost too much to maintain so they get wiped regularly. Literally won't even exist in a year or so

If that’s the case then go and take a duck from the park, they’re free. You won’t do it tho, you’re scared.

what the fuck are you on about?

Probably, some people can also archive anything they might think it's important for a lot of different reasons.

Internet archives going to be a thing of the past for ordinary users in a year or two, thanks to the whole kiwifarms disaster. back up anything you give a fuck about now.

You know exactly what I’m on about.

take a duck from the park? No. What the fuck are you talking about?

most people's old deleted myspace shit is gone and untraceable now. So it's safe to stay that Any Forums archives are here for a pretty short time.

Nope. Trust nothing not locally recorded and backed up with an additional copy.

How else am I supposed to explain this to you? Please, you can’t actually be this thick. Go to almost any park and there will be ducks, yes? Guess what Einstein. They. Are. Free. Take them, they’re yours.

one thing I agree with lefttards on is anti-facial recognition. Fuuuuuck that.

Hi fellow bong.
And yes. In a literal sense I understood you perfectly. What the fuck does it have to do with the thread's topic?

check for yourself archived.moe. goes back to like 2016 or soa d there are other archives for before that. who knows how long they'll last though

>What the fuck does it have to do with the thread’s topic?
Wait you think I actually read your post? I have no fucking idea what this thread is about I’m just telling you the ducks at the park are free. Get over yourself.

anyone know why most of the images get deleted? Server space clearup im guessing?

server space also privacy policies

I would honestly be surprised if everything ever posted on here doesn't end up archieved on some fed servers..

I doubt Any Forums gets fully archieved anywhere public but other boards definitely do.

even then, why would the FBi care about the 233377th "rate me and my cock" thread. Probably bigger fish.