New game

Post girl who’s sucked your dick next to girl you wish would suck your dick. Anons guess.

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Trick questions, the one on the left is a dude. You sucked HIS dick.

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Definitely sisters. But yeah, left sucked me off. Don’t have nearly as many pictures of her as i do her sister.

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hat girl sucked you but you wish it was the other?

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left one looks familiar

I’m not saying I’d prefer the other girl, it would just be nice if she would.

But yes, hat girl sucked me.

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other girl is definitly hotter

As in you know her personally? Any name or initials to guess?

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I respect that. Care to elaborate?

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nvm, on the second picture it's definitely not who I think it is

Left sucked, you wish for right.

Now I’d like to see who you think it was. Pics?

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Right sucked, you wish for left.