Your favorite average or below average websluts.Tell us why you like them

Your favorite average or below average websluts.Tell us why you like them.

> I love Becky's big saggy tits and milf looks. She also looks like a everyday white trash slut youd see at Walmart.

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Bump. Post em up.

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I love the innocent to whore transition

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Yeah. She is wayyyyy below average.

But, different strokes, I guess.

Nice tits. Moar?

Deleted? I will put it up for other anons.

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Face is below average. Body is great.

I love a good butterface.

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any links for this milf? I like

stephcooksgood2 on twitter, shes a slut for younger guys, realllyyyy nice big tits.

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The link posted is not her. This is

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its stephcooksgood2 on twitter not the sweet milf you posted

her face is not below average, she's really cute. it's just that her body is insane and makes her look worse than she really is.

She's all right

I love her saggy tits and big bush

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I guess agree to disagree. IRL she's cute, but compared to online I could see why people would say no. On the internet though, her body competes with the best of them especially her ass.


Her chest is just perfect for tittyfucking and blowing a load all over it

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Her face is pretty messed up... get glasses.

Got any of her bare tits?

she must be the queen of average that gets me diamonds

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Most of what I have is her teasing them

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Whay's your best/favorite pic?

For which slut?

Have jerked to this one countless times

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