Ok you faggots im gonna buy a gram of coke how long is that gonna last me? how many lines is that...

ok you faggots im gonna buy a gram of coke how long is that gonna last me? how many lines is that? how many lines will i need to get fucked?

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take a line every hour or so

how much should each line be in weight

can never be too little, depends on ur weight rly

60kg male, 5'10, im most likely gonna be on an empty stomach if that changes things

insanely faggoty choice. do a real drug.

fuck off and kill yourself nigger bet you fucking smoke meth you fucking coon

whatever sniffy. enjoy your gay ass drug.

>doing any drugs
>calling someone else a nigger
how is meth different from coke in this sense

im against drug use in general now since it ruined my fucking life but if someones gonna do a drug coke is prob the least self destructive one they can do.

Never ever ever touch Ice shit will destroy your entire life.

you can do about 10 lines from a gram, you're gonna love it so enjoy your new addiction

Meth is way more addicting, way worse for your health, and makes you act like a retard.

Coke just gets you a little high, keeps you awake and thats about it. There's tons of cokeheads that can do a bump everyday and still function perfectly fine (or better) at their jobs or in school.

Meth on the other hand turns u into a walking zombie.

t. done both

>snorting coke
>not snorting drain cleaner

Fucking casual

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You don't get fucked on coke. It just gives you confidence and energy. That's why it's a club drug not a play at home drug. What you're imagining is what you get on MDMA
>E slut from 15-25

what's an e-slut?

E slut my balls on ur chin

I can't tell you. I'm the type that wants to do it all immediately. I can't drive 55. I want it all or nothing at all. That's why I don't do drugs anymore because I'd kill myself. I'm a "we can get more in an hour" type

skinny little faggo. Buy food and weights insetad. Loser worthless trash

An e slut is ecstasy. And imho, coke is twice the price for half the high. But I also bit off half my molar being high in ecstacy and that cost me 4 years to pay off. It's fun, but there are consequences. Don't do it.

I used to get high on E and be a slut