Who cares about a shitty disney movie, it's starting to look like you guys feel some sort of sexual attraction towards her

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Her sister is much more attractive, I personally think she’s just unattractive why the fuck does her eyes have to be so far apart like Jackie Kennedy

Because she is a heroine just for being black.
My tv tells me so.

She is 100 times more beautiful than any white girl. Period.

A mermaid Disney movie made "men" seethe 50 times more than LOTR. The absolute state of Any Forums.

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it's called "viral marketing"

Okay predditor

I don't..see the connection

La Sinegrita

What is the your greatest personally trait that makes you wordy of being a Disney Princess?
Being Black


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We're being conditioned to get comfortable with everything white being removed.

The Queen didn't do shit and yet she was talked of like a literal goddess after her death. Why? Because she was born in the royal family. That's how the world works, things are rarely ever fair.

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That’s why you need to get the fuck out before one of us fucks you like the dog shit you are

You want to rape me? I guess the predditor thing was just projection

It’s up to you retard you’re a drop in the ocean keep swimming

Also that wasn’t me comma retard

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Queen was a symbol for lot of people in UK. Everybody in the world knew who she was no matter if you care or not. It's the same when you go home on Friday and get ready for the weekend. Certain constant that people found comforting because for a lot of them she was always there. Her dying is a end of a era for a lot of Brits. Especially after Brexit , Corona and now this it's hard to be a elderly Brit

Black mermaids life metter.
Defund Aquamans Police force

It's literally the same thing. Both of them benefited unfairly. Your excuses can't justify your hypocrisy.

you need to seriously shut the fuck up, no one cares