Would you consider dating a teenager?

Would you consider dating a teenager?

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does having fucked 4 count? never dated though. Got one pregnant and had to abort.

Wow, every thread turns into a LARP thread sooner and sooner.

Only if her mom is hot so I can try to hit both

Let's put it this way. Would a teenager consider dating you? Nah.

provide a kik if you want proof of some of it bud

I'd fuck one, not date one. I tried that shit and it was terrible. I want someone I can take to a bar, concert, casino, without hassle. Doesn't need to sneak out. Can spend the weekend without consideration. Can book a hotel room or drive a rental car. I want tight teen pussy, but that want goes away quickly with the bullshit that comes with it.

I dream of it

When I was 17 me and my first gf did basically everything except penetration and I found out years later that she was 14 when that went down.
When I confronted her about it she reassured me it was consensual, but now I get a little tense whenever a police car goes by haha

nah, too old

I had a friend who was dating an immature 18yr old when he was in his thirties. I said "Dude, that's no good" His reply, with a serious expression, was "yes, IT IS"
Yes I would


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I dated a teenager when I was one myself. And I dated real women 20+ in my twenties. The latter is infinitely better.

"lol bro I have pictures I didn't find online for real bro"

Kill yourself incel.

Yeah but definitely not a girl

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I doubt I could date a teenager long term. At most it would be a summer fling.


I dated a 19yo when I was 34. Yes, it is good.


If a tight little thing like her was legal for me to fool around with I would definitely give it a go. Probably wouldn't last more than a month or two, but I would teach her how to be a submissive slut.

Based, my grandad was was 52 when he make my grandmother his wife (she was 19).

Shitty American culture will not decide what is good and ethical.

I don’t think I would date one, or if I did it wouldn’t be for very long. I don’t think we’d have much in common and the maturity isn’t there. I’m a high school teacher and it’s difficult to picture being that close emotionally. But I’d absolutely fuck any teen I could get my hands on.

What kind of retard doesn't know the age of his own gf. Like the fact she was in 8th grade or freshman in high school didn't tip you off at all, yet somehow she was your "gf" come on

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