Any Forums just got collectively btfo

Any Forums just got collectively btfo

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Nothing matters, just have fun!

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Who nigger?

>the biggest form of multimedia doesn’t matter


It is hilarious that zoomers are getting scammed out their money from some new age guru using the same tactics that PUA used 10+years ago
time really is a flat circle getting to watch it happen again

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It's over for gamercels

gamerbros its over

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Literally doesn't, at least playing them doesn't. Making stack, getting laid, that's what matters.

>what really matters are these sneakers I bought for 20 million dollars!!

Who? I don't listen to podcast, they don't matter and are a waste of time.

>Get laid
>Get fit
>Get house
>Start business
>Feel empty inside

Oh no save me self help bros aaaa

Just keep doing that but harder and harder until it works.

I do more of both than you and i decree video games do matter.

the big giant shit that's creasing out of my asshole on top desks doesn't matter yet people still get mad at that. Really makes you think

>play shit game
>needing a child to realizee it's shit
Lmao, absolute state of normalfags.

All the self help dudes have the same manner of speaking. The same baseline views of everything.

It’s like applying gym mentality to every facet of life without understanding burnout or injury.

yeah thats what a man is user, a man provides, a man protects, a man hates his life, a man is not allowed to enjoy life, a man dies doing nothing he wanted to do

You can learn alot from a podcast. A video game? Much less so.

what's pua?

Gamerbros, relax, we can recover from this... w-why are you all looking at me like that? We CAN recover from this, right?

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Prove to me objectively how getting laid is more important than vidya. I’m waiting.

>giving a shit about the Tates
>giving a shit about the lesser Tate, even

if you look into it it's hilarious how similar they are its just the same shit with a different coat of paint

If you can learn so much from podcast then why are so many people so fucking stupid? What true educational value do podcast have? It's just a bunch of trivial bullshit and (usually incorrect) opinions from literal nobodies. If I need to learn something, I'll do it the right way.

Chinletbros... it's over

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i unironically have a friend that fell for the pick up artist shit 10 years ago, and is falling for this shit now, when he told me he was getting into it I just rolled my eyes and let him ramble until he was done.

I have no fucking idea how people fall for this shit

>moved to Any Forums
excuse me as I leave this dogshit board

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It's certainly not coincidence. That Vaush (correct name?) dude's similarly undersupplied with chin.

>I have no fucking idea how people fall for this shit
The poor dumb bastards want and need "cool big bro" figures they can look to.

>That Vaush (correct name?) dude's
Roosh, brah. Vaush's thing is politics.

and what would that right way be?

wtf is this adhd text. i hate you zoomer faggots.