Xsisters.. what happened?

Xsisters.. what happened?

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poor 343 losing the chud youtuber audience is a big blow

343 happened

They tried to turn Halo into an esport instead of a party game like it was under Bungie

It's over...

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The campaign was fucking abysmal.
>Oh look the 20th enormous tower with thousands of respawning enemies with vehicles and I need to siege it as one person.
The only fun part was being inside the spires and fighting through the corridors.. like you know... Halo.

oh look, another pony-made thread

No no no, we can recover from this still! It's not over for us yet, it... it... *sigh* bros... we lost, didn't we...?

>all these jewtubers dunking on 343
tis finally habbenin

>Noooooooo there's no split screen co-op
Who the fuck even does split screen co-op in 2022?
I'm done with jewtubers.

retard faggot get new words

The trend of favoring competitive started with 3, arguably 2.

jesus actman is such a faggot.

Microsoft are Jews for killing Halo. Fucking retards.

I liked clearing out the strongholds.

Are mods for real?

What the fuck, this board still exists

Yeah, and it’s one of the worst boards on this site

Why the fuck was this moved onto Any Forums.

who this faggot

People with family and friends.

Barbie Ken dolls pretending to be a tactical shooter. Modern shooters have easily the worst sounds design. Everything sounds like plastic.