Germans are the biggest failures in human history. They are such antisocial scummers...

Germans are the biggest failures in human history. They are such antisocial scummers, they even have to tie sausages to their kids necks so at least the dogs play with them.

German glorious attitudes?

Germans absolutely hate to be spied on but they love snooping around and snitching on others.
Germans love to point their fingers at other countries for being undemocratic, despite germany itself being rogue and oppressive, hijacking the european union to dictate and control their neghbors and other member states.
Germans love to mock americans about their lack of intelligence and how little they know about geography, despite many germans themselves can‘t name all of german states and don‘t know their capital cities.
Adding to all that, germans are manically paranoid that other people could take advantage and exploit their stupidity and retardation.


Germans marvelous inventions?

The car is an awful invention because it makes us dependent of oil from oil sheikhs and lots of people die and get injured in car accidents due to the fact that we are not supposed to move that fast.
Rocket thrusters allow us to venture into space but we shouldn‘t be there to begin with and can‘t even survive any minute without heavy gear. Mainly rocket thrusters are carrying vessels for the most deadly weapons.
Speaking of which, germans discovered nuclear fission which gives us access to nuclear warheads that can devastate our entire earth globe in no time.
gutenberg invented letterpress printing which is mostly used for spreading fake news and brainwashing.

If you have germfags living in your neighborhood, stomp on their feet when walking by, push them against the wall, spit in their faces, stalk their children. Do everything to get rid of them. I and some others do that as well and it starts working. They’re getting even more paranoid, pussy out and leave

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And that’s what germfags think of their japanese allies.

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>yfw you've known that the Germans are uncivilizable subhumans for 2,000 years

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Hahahahaha you took it out of conext OP claimed to be Japanese thats why he wrote this OP you fucking Pussy tell us from wich 3rd World Country you are and dont twist the truth

Show us the spot where the Germans touched you

>The mere presence of a German hinders my digestion.

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I’m from japan. Our country is smaller than yours but we are much more prductive. You germfags are just uneducated and lazy.

Dubs of true.

The old romans said that germans are barbarian swamp dwellers. And that hasn’t changed ever since then. If you know germans long enough you realise what spineless and dickless savages they are.

Nuclear missiles are weapons that should fall into nobody’s hands. Without these the world wouldn’t be in such bad situation nowdays.

And for all, germans are to blame.

Just for the Notes you are able to Insult the Germans but when someone say something bad against Japan your anrgy?

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You germans can’t even differentiate between insults and the truth. I’m just telling the truth and I know it hurts you to hear it but you should know who you really are aside from all the general 4tard german butt kissery. You germans are nothing and you know that. But you still act conceited.

K then

Said the truth you shit talk your formar allies but then bitching about when they insult your Country ok

It's always good to invite your german neighbors to your local funeral. But only as the main attraction.

I dunno who's the one bitching around here. Just look around in this thread.

Well OP is the one who started the Thread with the bitching about Germany

In relation to your working hours Japan is much less productive than Germany. You're aware most Germans have a 37.5h work week with lots of holidays and paid leave?

We are placed third on the world gdp ranking list behind china. You germfags got nothing on us. Lazy goons.

How is your 50h week going? Already had a day off this year?

did you get your state mandatory suicide noose ? or are they making you jump off bridges these days, your chicks leave your country to get fucked because your little pinky you call penis

Truth is you’re the slave here guy

How is your wife doing germfag? When does she expect her sandnigger baby?